Having an elder sister is a significant advantage, whether you appreciate her or not. Sometimes you may hate her, but she’s the only one who’ll support you through happy and rough times.

Your big sister may criticize and torment you, but she’ll always be your fiercest protector. Most of the times, she’ll drive you crazy with rules, and sometimes make you cry. Every now and then she’ll make you wish to strangle her in her sleep.

There’re many reasons why your sister is the most important person you’ll ever meet in life. Here are some of the evidence for you to understand.

1. She’s a trusted and closest friend.

Your big sister has been with you since the day you were born. They’ve witnessed most of the significant moments in your life.

Thus, before you establish relations or friendship with other people, being with your sister will always be your first step. Whether it pleases you or not, she’ll be your first and oldest friend.

2. She understands the struggles your family is going through.

She’s part of your family. Every problem you go through in your household, she’ll always be with you to the end.

3. You can’t avoid talking to them.

An elder sister will make you feel comfortable when you’re talking to them. Whether it’s your innermost secrets or not, she’ll always care though in a criticizing way.

She has seen you in your worst and embarrassing moments. So, you shouldn’t fear of being yourself when you’re around her. She’ll let you be the best version of you without judgmental expressions.

4. You share the same closet.

An elder sister will always let you wear her clothes. Her wardrobe is your wardrobe too. Although sometimes she might act when you dress her best outfit without her permission, she’ll always be okay with it.

5. She has more experience in life.

She’ll always open your life to a perception beyond your age. She’s older than you. She’ll give you valuable perspectives such that you’ll not go through bad incidences with your pears.

6. She’ll be hospitable.

When siblings get older, most of the time they move away from each other to experience life on their own. But when you’ve nowhere to go, a big sister will open her home for you.

Her home is like your second home. She’ll be hospitable, and you’ll feel comfortable around her.

7. She’ll not sugar-coat the truth.

She always gives honest opinions. She’ll not avoid telling the truth even under simple confrontations.

She’ll criticize your bad habits on your face, and tell you the reality of life. She’ll always want you to do things better than she did when she was at your age.

Also, she’ll not lie to protect you from your feelings. She’ll not deceive to make you feel better.

8. She knows and appreciates your potentials.

No matter if you have self-doubt or lack of motivation, she’ll reassure and offer you strength to do the things you must do. She understands the potentials in you. Even when others are doubting you, she’ll believe in you.

9. She’s a go-to person.

Whether it’s for relationship or advice, she’s the person to go to. Whenever you have great ideas to celebrate, she’s among the first person you can call. Even when you’re struggling with heartbreaks, she’ll always comfort you.

10. She’s tolerant of your bad habits.

You’ve been brought up together and sharing clothes or bedrooms. She knows almost everything about you.

She knows how you leave dishes unwashed among other messy habits. But she endures them all because you’re her family and she loves you. She can’t discredit you because you’re important in her life.