10 Reasons You'd Rather Be Single Than Date

10 Reasons You’d Rather Be Single Than Date

Nobody ever sees themselves ending up as a cat lady - women who go into their 30s, 40s, and beyond with only their feline friends for companionship. However, maybe the process of getting there isn't as depressing as many of us might think. There are two types of girls out there - the ones who always have someone on their arm, and the ones who are satisfied just enjoying their work, social life, and family - alone. There's a big difference between not wanting a date and not being able to get one. Well, let's dive in a little and see just what makes some of us shun the dating world and find peace and happiness by being alone.

1. It's all so tiresome!

You already passed the interview that landed you your job - you don't need to go through all that every other weekend. Dating can be exhausting in its little demands, and sometimes we just want to chill and relax.

2. It never goes anywhere


Well, sure, you might have high standards, or maybe you're just more of a private person than dating life requires. Whatever the reason, you go on no more than a couple of dates before things end, and it just makes more sense not to waste anyone's time, especially not your own.

3. You're still getting yourself together

A lot of us are still a work in progress. We can appreciate someone being interested in us while we're in our caterpillar stage, but we would rather evolve into butterflies before pairing up. It just seems kind of unfair to have someone in your life when you're not sure what it's going to be like in a year, or maybe even tomorrow.

4. Fear of rejection


Cliches are cliches only because they are true. Fear of rejection might be a reason for the single life. Commitment-phobia is very real, and the real possibility of a relationship ending, whether it's after a couple of months or years, keeps many of us on the sidelines.

5. The inexperienced worrier

Dating is kind of like swimming - it comes more naturally for some than for others, but we all figure it out eventually. When you haven't had as much experience as your peers, it can be scary and embarrassing, so it becomes easier to avoid it altogether.

6. First date blues

Once you've been on a couple of dumpster-fire first dates, it can kind of put you off to the whole thing. If the first five minutes have you seeking out the nearest exit when you could have been warm and comfy at home catching up on your Netflix, you start to reconsider a lot of things.


7. Avoiding the judgmental types

Words have power, and we don't need any negativity in our lives. There are lots of people out there that can make you uncomfortable with the very first words out of their mouth (Oh, how old did you say you were??), and some of us don't deal with that kind of thing on the regular.

8. You've seen the reviews

Before you see a movie, you probably check out the reviews to see if it might be worth your time. Well, if all you hear from your friends in the dating game are disaster stories, it might not seem like the kind of thing you're looking for in your life.


9. No new (boy)friends

When we let someone new into our lives, we know there will have to be some changes. Schedules will have to be in sync, activities will have to be considered jointly, and other aspects of your work, family, and social life might have to be readjusted. Ain't nobody got time for that. When you're comfortable with where you are, change doesn't really seem all that appealing.

10. Who has the time?

Life nowadays can be hectic, and finding the time to set up and show up for a date might seem like too much to ask for. Perhaps it's simply a matter of prioritizing what you want to do with your time, but it can still be a real block.

You need to be really in tune with who you are as a person to know you'd rather be alone for now, so congratulations on that. The thing is, however, that you shouldn't let it be a complete block on trying something new. Sometimes we don't know we're missing something until we have it.