10 Reasons You Should Make The First Move

In the past, conventional gender norms dictated that men should initiate romantic pursuits, with women expected to wait to be courted. However, in the present day, such rules appear antiquated, and it's time to challenge them. As a forward-thinking woman, you understand the importance of taking action to achieve your goals, and this applies to your dating life too. While it may feel daunting, putting yourself out there and taking the initiative can yield great rewards. Why not take a chance and see where it takes you?


1. What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Although it's possible that he might decline, being turned down is definitely not a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, considering there's an equal probability of him accepting, is it not worthwhile to take the chance?

2. If You Don't, Some Other Girl Might

There will always be someone who can do what you cannot do. If you delay your decision, another woman may come along and take him away.


3. You'll Stand Out From The Crowd

Many women still adhere to the rigid belief that men should be the ones to initiate romantic advances. By making the first move, you'll catch him off guard and your self-assurance will only add to your allure.

4. You Won't Have To Wonder If He Likes You Anymore

Consider this: you will no longer have to obsessively scrutinize every exchange you have with him. If you take the initiative, you'll finally have a clear answer as to whether or not he reciprocates your feelings.


5. He'll Appreciate The Break

It's likely that men grow weary of constantly pursuing women. Giving him the opportunity to be pursued by an amazing woman like yourself will undoubtedly be a welcome change. Everyone enjoys feeling desired, and men are no different in this regard.

6. You Don't Want Him Hearing You Like Him From Someone Else

As you are no longer in elementary school, you cannot rely on having your friend ask his friend if he would like to hold your hand during recess.


7. You'll Know He Isn't Just Prowling For A Hook Up, And You Happened To Be The Target

When interacting with women in bars, men may not always have the most honorable intentions. Merely engaging in small talk for a brief period before suggesting that you go home with him doesn't necessarily signify that he is genuinely interested in getting to know you, your background, or your musical preferences.


8. It Will Make You Feel More In Control

If your primary goal for going out is to meet potential partners, you'll need to put in some effort. It's disheartening to believe that you're sending out all the right signals to invite guys to approach you, only to have no one take the bait. Why not take control of the situation yourself?

9. You Get To Choose Who You Talk To.

You won't have to endure any more encounters with short guys sporting goatees if your preference is tall, surfer-type dudes. You are aware of what attracts you, so it's time to stop settling for those who simply initiate conversations with you.


10. Guys Actually Like It

Ask any man, and he'll never say that he dislikes it when women initiate romantic advances. It takes some of the pressure off them, and there is no risk of being rejected. Confidence is attractive, regardless of gender, so don't hesitate to express your interest. You'll discover that it's not as intimidating as you initially thought.