10 Reasons You Should Date At All When It Feels Pointless

If you're tired of having terrible first dates and unsatisfying almost-relationships, it might seem like a good idea to throw in the towel and give up on dating altogether. You may have even decided that being single is better than constantly experiencing disappointment. However, before you delete your dating apps and cancel future dates, consider a few reasons why you should still date, even when it feels like a waste of time.

1. You Always Have Someone To Do Things With

Being in a romantic relationship is like having a constant adventure partner. While your friends have their own lives and schedules, you and your partner navigate the world together. Whenever you want someone to hang out with, they're there for you. Even when you don't feel like doing anything in particular, but just want company, your partner is happy to spend time with you.

2. Reliable Sex

For singles who are feeling horny, finding someone to have sex with is much more challenging than what dating apps and TV shows make it seem. Particularly for women, meeting up with a stranger comes with safety concerns that require meeting in public before going somewhere private. Even if you feel safe, it can still be difficult to find someone attractive when the mood strikes. In contrast, sex is usually an option for those in a relationship. If you're in the mood, you might not even have to leave the room to satisfy your needs.

3. It Keeps Your Priorities Balanced

It's easy to become work-obsessed when your personal life is dull. Dating can help you refocus your attention elsewhere. It provides perspective on how you spend your time and what you value in life, preventing you from becoming too focused on just one aspect. This balance gives you more energy to pursue your professional goals, as it prevents you from becoming mentally exhausted and burnt out.

4. It's Cheaper

Being in a relationship has logistical advantages. For instance, you can share food costs, but if you live together, you can also split the rent, bills, and vacation expenses. While you may spend more money initially on dates, being in a committed relationship will eventually lead to saving more money than when you were single.

5. You'll Learn What You Do And Don't Want

Regular dating provides you with valuable insights. Not everyone desires a lifelong commitment or children, but exploring your options will help you decide what's best for you. By dating different people, you can discover the kind of future you want, whether it's with your current partner, someone else, or on your own.

6. Human Bonding Is A Necessity

Social connections are crucial for humans. Establishing close relationships contributes to our emotional and mental well-being, and is a crucial aspect of our development. Numerous studies have found that strong relationships enhance our physical health, along with diet, exercise, and sleep. Ultimately, individuals with strong social connections tend to live longer.

7. You'll Always Have A Travel Buddy

Dating offers the opportunity to share experiences. Have you ever wanted to have a companion to accompany you on a new adventure? When you're in a relationship, you'll always have someone to go on exciting, embarrassing, and thrilling experiences with, and you can reminisce about these memories together. While solo travel can be rewarding, it's essential to have someone to share experiences with eventually.

8. You Won't Have Relationship FOMO

Have you ever been the only one in your group of friends without a date while out for dinner? It's an uncomfortable and sometimes lonely experience. However, if you're in a relationship, you'll never have to worry about this situation again. No more feeling like the third wheel, and you'll always have someone to chat with about the night's events. Although it may not be the best reason to date, it's certainly worth considering.

9. You Will Learn From Them

Dating can be both fulfilling and challenging as you learn and grow from your experiences. When getting to know someone romantically, you must be vulnerable and reveal your deepest self, even those parts you're not proud of. Through this process, you will become stronger. Even if the relationship doesn't last, you'll gain valuable life lessons that can help you become a better partner in the future. While dating may be tough, the difficulty can teach you valuable lessons.

10. You Might Surprise Yourself

You might assume that you're not cut out for long-term relationships, but dating can change your perspective. You might discover that you're an excellent partner and that you enjoy the company of a significant other. You could stumble upon the love of your life and transform your goals. Dating keeps you open to serendipity, and you never know who you'll meet on a first date. Your soulmate could be just a swipe away.

Why Dating Is So Frustrating In General

Although the benefits of dating are compelling, finding someone you genuinely want to spend time with is easier said than done. For most of us, the challenge of finding a partner we connect with for more than a few minutes feels like an enormous task. Here's why it's so challenging:

1. There Are Just Too Many Options

With the advancement of technology, people have become more interconnected than ever before. As a result, the dating pool has expanded significantly beyond one's immediate social circle and connections. However, this abundance of options has made it increasingly challenging for people to commit to a partner. The fear of missing out on someone better prevents them from settling down, leading to an endless cycle of first dates.

2. Pickiness

Having too many choices also makes us excessively selective, leading us to believe that there is a perfect partner who fulfills all of our desires. However, this ideal partner is unlikely to exist in reality. Love is not triggered by a checklist of traits and behaviors but is a mysterious phenomenon. Setting strict criteria for a partner limits our options and makes it harder to find someone who is truly compatible.

3. Hookup Culture

Changes in societal norms regarding romance and sex have made casual sex more socially acceptable, even considered the norm. However, this cultural shift also has negative consequences. Studies show that casual sex can harm one's mental health and increase the likelihood of unsatisfying relationships. Hookup culture often disregards emotional connection and meaningful intimacy, leading to exhaustion and frustration. In light of this, remaining single may be a better option than engaging in a series of unfulfilling encounters to find a worthwhile relationship.