10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

It's not unusual for an employee to quit their job. Deciding to quit your job is not always easy because many factors have to be considered. At times, the decision to resign from your job is beyond your volition. Your family, health, satisfaction and some other reasons influence your decision to stay or quit.

Sometimes your own conviction to leave your current job may negate the career advice that you get. However, you still have the final say because you are the captain of your life.


People leave their job for a number of good reasons. These reasons vary from employee to employee. I've compiled a list of genuine reasons why you should quit your job and look elsewhere. However, before you leave, be sure that you are convinced that you need a new job.

Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

10 reasons why you should quit your job

Perhaps you are unsure whether it is time to leave, the reasons listed here will help you make a smart decision. It may be impossible to list all the real reasons why anyone should quit their job. But these ten reasons are common reasons for leaving a job.

A New Job Offer:

If you are not going into retirement, you should not rush leaving your current job if there's no job lined up for you. However, if there is a new job that offers better pay, more satisfaction, and flexibility, you should quit your current job.


But if you are desperate to leave and there's no opportunity yet, you should begin to do a job search.

Your Health Is Important:

Only a living person can work. If your job affects your health badly and there's no hope for improvement, it's wise that you quit the job. If your job affects your mental and physical health, leaving such a job is beneficial to you and your boss.


Quit that job if it does not allow you to sleep. Write your resignation letter if you can no longer cope with the stress. Remember that your health matters. Sound health is essential for productivity.

Also, you may decide to leave if you need time to stay with an ailing relative.

Toxic Workplace:

This could be a bad boss or unfriendly co-workers. Having issues regularly with your boss and workmates isn't a good feeling. You should have a feeling of home away from home at your place of work.


You should consider issuing notice if you don't have a peace of mind at work. Because constant disputes may affect your psychological and emotional well-being. This may be bad for you if you are a family man or woman because it may affect your family.


Are you not happy with your job? Do you complain every day about how bad your job is? If you answered yes, you should quit the job.


Your job should bring happiness and satisfaction. If you are not having a feeling of fulfillment; there is no point keeping that job. Hating your job is hating a significant part of your life because your job is part of your daily life.

Career Change:

If you have made a decision to navigate another career path, quitting your job is advisable. Some people get bored over the same career for too many years. So they may decide to have a career shift.


It may even be that you have a business idea that you want to grow. It's not bad to resign and focus on this business because you will be your own boss.

Tight schedule and work hours:

Everyone wants to maintain a work-life balance. You may have to resign from your position if it does not allow you time for your family and yourself.

If the work hours are too long or odd and you can't cope, then it is a good reason to quit. Your work schedule should be flexible.



Proximity to work is an important factor to consider before you accept a job offer. You don't want to spend hours in the traffic before you get to work.

Relocating to a place that's far from your current place of work is another reason why you should quit your job. It may be unproductive to get to your place of work tired because you've spent hours on the road.


Unfavorable Company Culture:

Every company has a culture that an employee must imbibe. An employee may decide to relinquish their position if the organization's culture is incompatible with their beliefs.

Instead of clashing with your boss over the disobedience of the company's culture, it is honorable to leave.

Skills Incompatibility:

It is possible that your lack of a job forced you to accept this current offer. The job will be frustrating if you do not possess the necessary skills to perform at work.


As an employee, you should be able to do your work at ease. The job should be fun.

Seek another job if your skills do not match your current role.

Planing For Retirement:

Sweet rest from work is desirable after years of constant labor. Although your company ought to have a good retirement plan for you it is not a bad idea if you leave before retirement to make additional plans.


What Should I Do Before I Quit My Job?

10 reasons why you should quit your job

There are important things that you should do before you finally resign from your job. As a matter of fact, leaving your job should not be impulsive.

After deciding that it's time to leave, the following tips are essential to your exit:

Make Plans

Notify your employer

Keep records of past works

Help your employer to fill the void


Get recommendations

Confirm unemployment benefits

Seek career advice