10 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Out There Have The Worst Dating Lives

10 Reasons Why The Strongest Women Out There Have The Worst Dating Lives

Life can be as mysterious as it can be tragic.

As one woman goes about her life, hardly giving a damn about her future, the love of her life runs into her and she gets to live happily ever after. She and her lover grow from strength to strength, and life is a beautiful story for the fortunate couple.

Then there is another woman. All she does is look for the perfect partner, but things always end up being a huge mess. She falls for so many wrong people. All she wants is love, but what she gets is anything but love.

She is full of intelligence, she has the moves, and she is positively vibrant. But love eludes her even though she searches for it in earnest. You have to stop and wonder, what's going on here?

Today, we have some possible answers as to why these strong, wonderful women have a problem having fulfilling romances, and here they are.

1. They Can See A Douchebag From A Mile Away

A strong woman will not stand for any sort of bullshit. She will save her precious time by stopping these kinds of men on their tracks. This woman understands her worth, and she will not entertain any man who might harm her in some way or another.

2. They Are Too Picky

Strong women tend to be very smart, and they understand themselves inside and out. So, they know that they deserve more than an average guy can offer and will not settle for anything less.

3. They are Independent

A strong woman does not need anyone's assistance. She can do just fine on her own. That is how she managed to be successful. Therefore, this woman needs someone who will be an equal partner in the relationship. But that is not what men expect when they get into relationships with women.

4. They Have Actual Goals And Visions

Although these women want real love, they have other dreams and aspirations they will not let go of just to have someone in their lives. They will have these big visions and ambitions despite what everyone thinks.

5. They Can Detect Lies

You cannot lie your way into a strong woman's life. She has already had enough drama in her life to know what kind of men to avoid. Most men cannot live up to this standard.

6. They Are Unique

These women are way too special for some people to handle. Their minds are mysterious, but that is to be expected since they are so extraordinary.

7. She Intimidates Potential Suitors

A strong woman can be very intimidating to a man. Men like to feel powerful, and this kind of woman does not make him feel like he is. Most men will simply not stand to be with a woman who is so brazenly stronger than they are.

8. Men Have A Hard Time Finding Them

Although these women have many qualities, men, like women, are not always easy to recognize. Men cannot spot them easily and see the potential for the strong and loving relationships they have to offer.

9. They Can Be Too Intense

These women have no doubts about what they want out of life. This gives them the confidence to do things with a lot of intensity. Most men cannot handle that as they want to play games first. This can be intimidating to them.

10. They Love Without Limit

When these women love, they love for real. They hold nothing back in romantic matters, just as with everything else in their lives. They are extremely loyal and loving, and most people cannot handle the powerful intimacy they offer.