10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

There are many reasons why someone will ghost their partner. As you know, ghosting stirs up a lot of mixed feelings. Helplessness, self-doubt, and resentment come to the surface as soon as it happens. That's why even those who haven't been on the receiving end of this cruel behavior cringe when they hear the term.

No one wants ghosting to happen to them, yet it happens more often than people realize. That's why today, we will look at reasons why someone will ghost, someone they are romantically involved with.

The term "ghosting" started getting used in the early 2000s, and the term has only gained in popularity over the years. Ghosting is abruptly cutting off all contact with someone—usually a former romantic partner—by not responding to phone calls, messages, or social media communications. As the name suggests, the culprit in the relationship becomes an insensitive ghost.

Online dating and other dating apps make this phenomenon more prominent. As a result, more individuals find themselves victims of such treatment, whether their relationships have lasted days, weeks, months, or years. Though it's a well-known side-effect of today's dating world, it doesn't make going through it any easier.

A lack of information about the situation creates self-doubt and other insecurities in the ghosting victims. Almost 80% of millennials between 18 and 33 have been ghosted, leaving behind individuals worried about getting back into the dating world. However, ghosting isn't as simple as it sounds and it is never the right way to end a relationship.

The biggest question is, why does it happen? How come some people feel the need to subject others to such treatment? If you find yourself in this situation, read on and find out reasons why someone will ghost someone they apparently cared about.

1. They're Just Not That Into You

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

One of the main reasons why someone will ghost another is that they don't have very strong feelings towards them. So, there's no reason to put yourself down if you get ghosted.

Everyone — even those in long-term relationships — is allowed to change their minds about what or who they want. Of course, such a sudden change of heart is hard to understand, but dwelling on the specifics is of no use.

Focusing on the nitty-gritty of the relationship and where things may have gone wrong is not the best use of your time and energy. Instead, accept that your partner has had a change of heart, then focus on yourself. Give yourself time to heal rather than solely focusing on understanding the situation.

As these reasons why someone will ghost will prove to you, it is usually not your fault when someone leaves without explanation.


2. They Are Not Great Under Pressure

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Some people will ghost you because confrontation makes them extremely uncomfortable. Consequently, these people will do anything humanly possible to avoid such a situation.

To some degree, everyone has avoided some confrontation in their life for various reasons, but those who ghost others will usually take the cowardly way out.

From their point of view, they hope the lack of communication from them is enough to make you understand the situation. Unfortunately, this does not provide a sense of closure for either party, but that is not likely to change. Individuals who go to these lengths to avoid confrontation with a loving partner are not great at expressing themselves - period.

So, this is one of the worst reasons why someone will ghost a romantic partner.

3. The Popularity Of Online Dating And Dating Apps

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Without a doubt, ghosting is more popular today than it has ever been before. Online dating and the multitude of apps available to smartphone users have made dating easy. But, on the other hand, it made finding casual flings over a serious relationship even easier.

Relationships that start on a matching site or app are more likely to end in ghosting. This type of communication has made it simpler to dismiss the other individual and move on to the next person.

That has made modern dating among the major reasons why someone will ghost somebody they were dating.

4. There Are Changing In Priorities

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Simply put, dating is no longer a priority for some people these days. Whatever changes their life recently went through, dating or being in a long-term relationship is no longer something they desire.

Life sometimes gets in the way, whether it's work or other family issues getting in the way, causing someone to distance themselves. Rather than explaining what is going on, such people leave without an explanation, creating yet another of many reasons why someone will ghost these days.

Ghosting happens more often in new and short-term relationships when the partner doesn't believe they owe anyone an explanation. So pulling away and focusing on their current problems sounds like the best solution, even though it does leave matters unresolved.

Dating can also feel overwhelming and scary. A person's natural reaction in such situations is to remove themselves from the situation, even if that means not dating altogether.

Ghosting might sound like the least complicated solution in such scary circumstances, but it's not. Nevertheless, the truth is that changing reality when it comes to dating and romance is one of the reasons why someone will ghost their partner.

5. They Were Protecting Themselves

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Believe it or not, safety is one of the many reasons why someone will ghost a potential partner. People want to feel safe in their relationships, whether they are involved with a romantic partner or a friend.

In situations where that feeling isn't met, ghosting becomes their easiest solution. Whether the relationship showed signs of abuse or other toxic behaviors or not, the person felt the best way was to leave.

Some controlling partners leave no choice but to cut off all ties. The person doing the ghosting can feel safe if their abusive partner no longer has any access to them.

6. You Were Not Their Soulmate

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

To some, this might sound silly, but an interesting study by psychologist Gili Freedman, Ph.D., proved that those who believed in soul mates were 60% more likely to ghost their partner than those who did not.

So, one of the reasons why someone will ghost is that they fail to see you as their soulmate.

In such a situation, no one is at fault for the relationship not working out since those that believe in "the one" are more likely to end a relationship abruptly if they don't see soul mate potential.

7. They Are Scared Of Emotional Intimacy

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Emotional or physical intimacy does not come easily to some people, making this one of the reasons why someone will ghost to avoid intimacy. Vulnerability and allowing yourself to care deeply about someone is a real fear. In some cases, this fear can be crippling.

It is not unheard of for those with this issue to date for months or even years and to keep an emotional distance from their partner.

The relationship might feel stable for a long time until something triggers this fear. That is not to say that the person who was ghosted is somehow at fault since the trigger could be anything.

However, for the person who has always feared letting someone in, disappearing into thin air might feel like the best way to avoid getting hurt. This is one of the reasons why someone will ghost that should not worry you.

8. They Have Narcissistic Tendencies

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Those who suffer from narcissism do not feel empathy the same way normal people do. Selfishness, a strong sense of entitlement, and a pathological need for admiration are all that matters instead.

To a narcissist, ghosting might be a way to feel superior, and it is therefore one of the reasons why someone will ghost you. In such a scenario, you should not blame yourself for getting ghosted.

Unable to connect to their partner, in the same way, they are more likely to leave without a trace. There's no sense of considering their partner's feelings, which is likely seen throughout the relationship. They say hindsight is 20/20, which is very much the case in this instance.

9. They Are Afraid Of Violence

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

A strong fear of violence as reciprocation for wanting to leave their partner is one of the few justifiable reasons why someone will ghost their partner.

Stories on the news show us how some abusers retaliate against their partners, giving some people a good incentive to disappear without a word. In these situations, ghosting is used as a barrier between themselves and the abuser.

10. Because They Can

10 Reasons Why Someone Will Ghost Their Significant Other

Unfortunately, this does not come with good reasoning for any of the parties involved. Essentially, the partner ghosted because they could.

Nothing can stop someone from leaving a relationship. Though ghosting is seen as a form of emotional abuse and not a good solution to end a relationship, some people still do it for no good reason.

The problem might be that some people see ghosting as a form of communication, which is why they leave when they no longer want to be in the relationship. So, ghosting can happen just because it is easy to do or simply because the person doing it lacks empathy.

Ghosting is emotionally exhausting, and it's something that should ideally not happen. But in case you were wondering, these are the reasons why someone will ghost you. As you can see, if you get ghosted, there is no need to fight it.