10 Reasons Why Some Guys Don't Kiss With Tongue

Kissing a guy can be a positive and exciting experience.

Incorporating tongue into a kiss can add to the excitement, but if your partner doesn't seem to enjoy it, it's important to respect their preferences and avoid using tongue.

Explore the following 10 reasons why some guys may choose not to engage in tongue kissing.


1. He's Baiting You in For Sex

When a guy avoids using tongue during kissing, or only does it infrequently, and you suspect that he may have the ability to do it well, but is choosing not to, it could be a sign that he is playing mind games with you.

If a guy associates tongue kissing with sexual activity, he may be more likely to save it for when he feels particularly aroused.

2. He's Not Feeling Things on That Level

If a guy doesn't have strong romantic or sexual feelings towards you, it's not uncommon for him to avoid using his tongue while kissing. This doesn't reflect on you personally, but rather in his mind, tongue kissing is reserved for people with whom he feels a deep level of intimacy.

If the relationship progresses, it's possible that tongue kissing could become part of your future interactions.

3. He Kisses With His Tongue When He's Excited

Some guys may choose to limit tongue kissing until they are highly aroused and want to express it. In these situations, it can be interpreted as a sign of their eagerness for sexual activity.

It's not uncommon for a guy who initiates tongue kissing to want to take things further and become physically intimate, so don't be surprised if he tries to pull you away from others and lead you to a private location after engaging in tongue kissing.

4. He Thinks He Doesn't Know How to Kiss With Tongue

If a guy lacks experience with tongue kissing and feels unsure of his abilities, he may avoid using tongue while kissing, especially if he has strong feelings for you.

If a guy is afraid of coming across as inexperienced or a poor kisser to someone he is attracted to, he may hold back from using his tongue during kissing. If you think this may be the case with your partner, you can initiate using tongue to gauge his reaction.

5. He Doesn't Want You to Think He's Sex-Crazy

Sometimes, guys may be hesitant to use tongue while kissing because they don't want to give the impression that they are solely interested in sexual activity and not interested in building a deeper connection.

Once they become more comfortable and get to know you better, they may become more open to using tongue while kissing, and allow their tongue to interact with yours.

6. He Doesn't Know Where Your Tongue Has Been

Unfortunately, some guys may avoid using tongue during kissing because they have a dirty mindset and are preoccupied with thoughts about where your tongue may have been before. These guys are not respectful and it's better to avoid them.

Additionally, some guys may be uncomfortable with the idea of using tongue during kissing because they are concerned about where your tongue may have been or what germs it may carry. This can lead to feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with the idea of kissing.

7. Tongue Kissing Makes Him Feel Vulnerable

Many guys may avoid using tongue while kissing due to feelings of vulnerability, as the act of kissing, let alone tongue kissing, can be seen as exposing themselves emotionally and physically, and it may be perceived as not macho.

If you are in a public setting with a guy who is sensitive to the perceived vulnerability of using tongue while kissing, you may not be able to engage in it, or he may be upset if someone sees you two kissing with tongue.

8. He Doesn't Want to Move to Fast

When guys are concerned about things moving too quickly, or want to take things slow in the early stages of a relationship, they may hold back from using tongue during kissing as a way to set a slower pace.

They may even say they don't like it, but it's likely a bluff. As the relationship becomes more intimate, the use of tongue during kissing generally becomes less of an issue.

9. He Isn't Sure How You Would Respond to Tongue Kissing

Some guys may avoid using tongue during kissing because they are afraid of how the other person will react, especially if they initiate it.

They may be hesitant to use tongue during kissing because they don't want to appear to be moving too quickly or are unsure of how you feel about it. They may wait until they have a better understanding of your reaction before incorporating it into their kissing technique.

That is why, if you want to engage in tongue kissing with your partner, you should initiate it by using your tongue in the kiss.

10. Tongue Kissing Just Isn't His Thing

Lastly, some guys simply don't enjoy tongue kissing and may not engage in it. The reasons for this could vary and may not be clear, but it's important to remember that everyone has different preferences and it's ultimately up to the individual. As you get to know your partner better, you may gain a better understanding of why they don't enjoy it.

In conclusion, there can be various reasons why a guy may not engage in tongue kissing. It could be due to a lack of experience, discomfort, personal preference, or even a desire to move at a slower pace in the relationship. However, communication and understanding are key in determining the reason and finding a solution that works for both parties. Also, it's important to respect his preference and not force him to engage in something he's not comfortable with.

Is it normal to kiss without using tongue?

Kissing without using tongues is normal, especially for those new to kissing. As relationships progress, it is also common for couples to engage in tongue kissing. However, some individuals may never feel comfortable with this type of kissing.

What does tongue kissing mean to men?

French kissing, or tongue kissing, is often viewed by men as a form of "making out" or a basic level of sexual exploration. Some men enjoy it, while others may not. In general, it is considered a pleasurable and intimate act by many men. Some men may take a long time to become comfortable with using their tongue while kissing someone.

Is it normal for guys to not like kissing?

It is not typical for guys to dislike kissing, but it is possible for inexperienced guys to not enjoy it until they become more comfortable with it. Inexperience can lead to anxiety and fear of not being good at it or that the other person may think they are bad at using their tongue.