10 Reasons Why Guys Like Mean Girls (#5 Surprised Us)

You've recently realized that many guys have a fascination for girls who are mean and you're struggling to understand why.

Continue reading to uncover our comprehensive list of the top ten reasons why guys are attracted to mean girls.


There isn't a single explanation for why guys like mean girls, but here's a comprehensive list of reasons.

1. Guys Enjoy The Chasing Mean Girls

Firstly, some guys have a hunting instinct and find the chase of a mean girl to be thrilling. It's widely known that some girls enjoy playing hard to get, and similarly, many guys enjoy a challenge as well. When a determined guy meets a mean girl, it can create a dynamic that both parties find exciting.

2. Mean Girls Are Exciting Creatures And Love Adventures

Once a man has established a connection with a mean girl, the thrill does not have to come to an end. Mean girls are often willing to embark on daring and spontaneous adventures, even if they are unpredictable and have the potential to cause chaos. The appeal lies in their carefree attitude towards excitement and their disregard for consequences, which can be attractive to many men.

3. Mean Girls Tend To Dress Sexier Than Other Girls

Mean girls are also often known for dressing provocatively, which can be a major factor in attracting guys. Even if a mean girl has an attitude, if she looks sexy, she's likely to catch a guy's attention.

4. Great Sex And Means Girls Tend To Go Hand-in-Hand

It's not just about their provocative attire or the art of seduction, mean girls can be desirable sexual partners. They are more likely to engage in passionate and playful sexual experiences compared to those who conform to strict moral codes. However, it's important to keep in mind that appearances can be deceiving, and not all mean girls live up to their reputation in the bedroom.

5. Her Attitude Is More Confident And Defiant Than Most Girls

It could be due to their captivating outfits or the reputation of being wild in the bedroom, but mean girls often exude an aura of confidence. This confidence is paired with a sense of defiance, which attracts many men even if they won't acknowledge it. When a mean girl challenges authority, whether it be societal norms or her own family, she is perceived as a rebel by the opposite sex. Her willingness to stand up for her beliefs, right or wrong, can also be alluring to men.

6. Good Girls Are Too Boring For A Lot Of Guys

While it may be unfortunate for good girls, many guys quickly get bored with them. It's not that you have to be wild or dress provocatively to hold a guy's interest, but being around a mean girl can be more exciting. This is something that many guys find appealing.

7. Her Philosophy Is Intriguing Compared To "Good" Girls

The mindset and worldview of a mean girl can be more intriguing to guys when compared to the down-to-earth attitude of a good girl. Mean girls are often more aggressive and assertive in achieving their life goals, which catches guys' attention and admiration.

8. Mean Gives Are Trouble, And Men Love It

Many men have a tendency to attract and embrace chaos, even in their relationships and family life. They seem to crave trouble, and in the case of mean girls, this attraction is often rooted in the very trouble they bring. The attraction lies in the turmoil that stems from their problematic behavior and attitude. The more she misbehaves and the more problems she causes, the more attractive she becomes to these men.

9. Guys Prefer Girls Who Are Complicated

Mean girls may seem intricate and complex to men, but that's what makes them so appealing. The drama and difficulties they bring into a man's life can be a refreshing change from the monotony of daily life. It may not be ideal, but it's true that life can become dull and mundane. Mean girls add excitement to the lives of men who are looking for something to break up their boredom.

10. Men Experience Deep Feelings With Mean Girls

Contrary to popular belief, men often experience a wider range of emotions when involved with a mean girl in a dating or familial context. This is because mean girls challenge men to reflect on moral principles and evaluate their actions on a daily basis. Additionally, they are prompted to consider the emotions of others and their own innermost feelings about the mean girl and their relationship.


What Makes Men Attracted To Mean/Bad Girls?

Men are attracted to mean girls for various reasons, including adventure, lust, intense emotions, and more. Mean girls can come off as more confident, experienced, and fun to be around compared to good girls.

Are Mean Girls Smarter Than Good Girls?

There is no proof that mean girls are smarter than good girls, or vice versa. Mean girls may seem wittier and more outspoken to some guys, but they are also known for being mean and selfish.

What Do Mean Girls Have That Good Girls Don't?

Mean girls don't necessarily have anything that good girls don't, except for bad manners. They may appear more confident, experienced, humorous, and goal-oriented than good girls.