10 Reasons Why Guys Like Long Hair On Girls (#7 Surprised Us)

It is a well-known fact that men are fond of long hair on women, but have you ever wondered why they prefer it so much?

Keep reading to discover the 10 leading reasons why men like women with long hair.


Beauty is subjective and the same holds true for men who prefer long hair on women.

There are countless reasons why someone might prefer long hair over short hair on a woman.

Here are the top 10 reasons:

1. Beauty Enhancement

Long hair has been considered an epitome of beauty for a long time.

This is partly because it offers numerous styling options that are not possible with short hair.

Long hair adds an air of sophistication and allure when paired with jewelry and outfits such as gowns or skirts.

Furthermore, long hair can also make a woman's eyes stand out more and enhance her beauty even more.

2. Nothing Says "Feminine" Like Long Hair

Speaking of beauty, nothing embodies femininity as much as long hair.

Long hair is a symbol of feminine energy and spirit.

The reason behind this is straightforward: men are drawn to long hair because it makes women appear more feminine and innocent compared to women with short or medium-length hair.

3. Long Hair Hides Facial Features

Long hair has a significant impact on the appearance of a woman's face. It can partially or fully obscure features such as jawlines, side profiles, and earlobes.

However, this does not mean that men prefer women to hide their faces, but that is just one aspect of why they like long hair.

Having hair long enough to alter your facial features with styling creates an aura of mystery.

4. Increased Sex Appeal

Surprisingly, many guys confess that they find girls with long hair more sexually appealing than those with short hair.

This doesn't mean that men are not drawn to women with short hair, just that those with long hair grab and maintain their attention more effortlessly.

5. More Hair, More Fragrance

One hypothesis is that men adore the scent of women's hair, which makes it logical that the more hair a girl has, the stronger the fragrance is.

The trick is to know his preferred scent and make him yearn for getting close and personal with the scent in your hair.

6. It's Arousing To Play With

The arousal of playing with long hair is not a secret, and what might come as a surprise is that guys enjoy running their fingers through a girl's long, silky locks more than you think.

Similarly, girls can use their hair to play with him, which is even more exciting for him.

7. Men Are Wired To Like Long Hair

Whether it is a fact or an urban legend is yet to be determined, but there is a myth that guys' brains are biologically attracted to long hair.

We cannot make a definite statement about this possibility, but the evidence appears to support the possibility of this myth being true.

8. Puts The Focus On Her Eyes

Long hair may also direct his immediate focus to her eyes rather than her jawline, neck, ears, or profile, which is crucial for women who lack confidence in their facial features.

For women who feel insecure about their facial features, this look can boost their confidence and make them feel good and noticed, enabling them to command the situation more easily.

Making eye contact with a person with long hair is more engaging as there are fewer facial features for the observer to focus on.

9. Long Hair Can Be Styled In All Sorts Of Ways

Both girls and guys appreciate the versatility of hairstyles that long hair offers, as it can be styled in numerous ways compared to short hair.

Whether it's braids, pigtails, or simply letting it down, there's a suitable style for every day and occasion with long hair.

Long hair also provides more exciting options for hair coloring, keeping things fresh and stylish.

10. It's Better For Role Play

Keeping things exciting extends to the bedroom as well, with long hair adding to the fun.

From classic schoolgirl hairstyles to various cosplay character hairstyles, the possibilities are endless with long hair. You can take turns deciding on the next hairstyle, adding to the excitement.

For women with short hair, don't worry! Investing in a wig or two, and dressing up as his favorite anime, comic book, or video game character, is sure to please him.


What Is The Most Attractive Hair Length For Women?

A recent survey conducted by thestudentroom found that 65% of men stated that they find long hair, reaching the shoulders or beyond, to be the most appealing hair length for women. Additionally, 22% mentioned that it depends on the woman's facial features, while 2.5% stated that they don't have a preference. Only less than 10% of the men surveyed preferred medium or short hair.

How Important Is A Woman's Hair To A Man?

A man's perception of a woman is significantly influenced by her hair. According to Glamour, over 80% of men reported that hair significantly impacts a woman's sex appeal, and nearly 80% claimed that great hair is a turn-on. Surprisingly, many of these same men stated that they would rather date women with attractive hair than women with large breasts.

Is Extra Super Long Hair Good?

From a man's perspective, extremely long hair is not just good, but it's incredible. A substantial majority of men claimed that hair past shoulder length is more sexually appealing than any other hair length. Some of them also stated that they prefer extremely long hair over large breasts or butts, which may come as a surprise!