10 Reasons Why Guys Cheat And Come Back (#8 Was Shocking)

He has been unfaithful to you and is now pleading to return, but you are seeking an understanding of the reasons why men cheat and return before making a decision on granting him another opportunity.

We have compiled a list of 10 explanations for why men may cheat and then return. Please continue reading for more information.


The reality is that the majority of the reasons why men cheat and return can be easily understood; they experience guilt, they miss you... or possibly they only intend to exploit and mistreat you.

However, some of their reasons may be unexpected.

Here are 10 frequently cited explanations:

1. To Use You as Much as Possible

It's important to note that if your partner has cheated before and returned, there's a possibility that they may cheat again in the future.

Additionally, repeated instances of infidelity may indicate that your partner is using you for their own gain.

2. They Feel Honest Repentance About it

Second, a relatively acceptable reason for a partner to return after cheating is that they may genuinely regret their actions and wish to make amends.

It's possible that your partner cheated and now deeply regrets it, and is truly remorseful for the hurt they caused you.

However, even if they do regret it, it doesn't excuse the fact that they cheated in the first place. And, if you decide to take them back, it doesn't erase what happened.

3. Their Guilty Conscience Kicks in After Some Time

Another reason a partner may return after cheating is due to feelings of guilt, rather than genuine remorse for their actions.

When your partner realizes the impact of their actions on you and possibly the lack of emotional connection they have with the person they cheated with, a guilty conscience can be a driving force that leads them to return to you.

4. They Want Their Security Blanket Back

Some men may return to their partner due to a desire for security, similar to the comfort they felt as children when they were tucked in by their mothers. They crave that sense of security provided by their partners.

If your partner cheats and is not receiving much attention and affection from the person they cheated with, they may be inclined to return to you sooner.

5. Too Lazy to Search for Opportunities

Sometimes, men may overestimate the level of romantic interest that women have in them.

If a man has misjudged the level of interest a woman has in him, and believed that she was a potential long-term partner, but she was only interested in a sexual relationship, he may return to his previous partner if he is too lazy to seek out new opportunities.

6. You Have Their Trust, and They Want it Back

When a man cheats and the person they cheat with is unreliable, they may quickly return to their previous partner if they are willing to take them back.

This is because the unfaithful partner may come to appreciate the loyalty and devotion that they had taken for granted in their previous relationship, and may develop trust in their previous partner again, something they may not have felt for the person they cheated with.

If there are any issues in the new relationship, the unfaithful partner may leave and return to their previous partner.

7. The Sex Was Really Good With You, and They Want More

It's not uncommon for couples to have a lack of sexual chemistry, even if both parties are open-minded and sexual. Sometimes, the attraction and spark just isn't present.

However, in some cases, couples can discover the deep sexual pleasure that is unique to their relationship and cannot be replicated with others. They may realize that sex with others is not as satisfying as it is with their partner.

In these cases, if the unfaithful partner has cheated, they may return to their previous partner if the sexual chemistry between them was strong and they are willing to take them back, as the sexual experience with others may not have been as satisfying.

8. The Sex With Their New Partner Sucks

Karma can have a way of catching up with people, especially those who cheat, and they may experience similar treatment in return.

For instance, after being infatuated with someone else for a long time and developing unrealistic expectations about the relationship, they may cheat on their partner. However, once they do cheat, they may realize the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy and ultimately regret their actions.

They may cheat on their partner and have an affair with the person they were infatuated with, only to find that the sexual experience is not as fulfilling as they imagined. As a result, they may return to their previous partner, who they had good sexual chemistry with, seeking more.

9. They Have Lived Out Their Fantasies

When men have unrealistic fantasies about other women, they may cheat on their partner in pursuit of fulfilling those fantasies. However, once they do cheat and experience those fantasies, the excitement, and intrigue that once existed is gone, and there is nothing left to fantasize about. This may lead them to return to their previous partner, as the relationship may seem more desirable in comparison.

When the excitement of the new relationship wears off and the reality of the situation sets in, men may realize that they miss the comfort and security of their previous relationship. They may remember the good times and the sense of familiarity they had with their partner, and try to come back to them.

10. You Want Them Back and Make Room For Them

It's important to note that these reasons are not justifications for cheating and the decision of whether or not to take a cheating partner back is a personal one. It's crucial to have open and honest communication and consider the long-term implications before making a decision.

They take advantage of this and come back, knowing that you are willing to forgive and forget, even after they have cheated on you.

Expressing that you still care for him may lead to his return, however, there is a possibility that he may cheat on you again.


Why Do Guys Cheat Even If They Love You?

The reasons why men cheat, even if they are in love, can vary greatly and cannot be generalized. Reasons can range from feeling unimportant to being bored, to even claiming that it is a part of their nature.

How Often Do Cheating Guys Come Back?

Many men who cheat tend to return to their partners. Additionally, they may continue to cheat and repeat this pattern multiple times. If a person continues to forgive and take back a partner who cheats, they may find themselves in this cycle for an extended period.

Do Guys Regret It When They Cheat?

Like women, men are also capable of feeling remorse for cheating. However, some individuals may lack empathy and not feel regret due to their self-centered nature.