10 Reasons Why Big Sisters Are Angels In Disguise

10 Reasons Why Big Sisters Are Angels In Disguise

Having a big sister is like having a twin. You stay up late in bed together, cause trouble together, share personal stuff with each other, and get honest opinions about suggestions.

Big sisters are your oldest friends. They are your greatest critics and your fiercest protector and your second mom. Big sisters are the only one who knows what you are thinking and know-how to handle your attitude. Sometimes they can be a pain in the ass and drive you crazy. But they always have your back and give you a shoulder to cry on. Big sisters always love you unconditionally no matter what and they are the most amazing people ever.

These are the reasons why they should be called angels.

She is your first and best friend

From even before you were born, a big sister has always been with you. She has witnessed all your significant and embarrassing moments in your life. She knows you inside out, the good, the bad, and the ugly sides but still loves you the most.

No matter how much you hurt her, she will always forgive. Sometimes, she knows you better than yourself. She knows your clothes, shoes, hairstyle, color, food, books, and even undies preference. She is your personal hype-man and your diehard fan.

Her closet is automatically yours

Funny how her clothes look better on you. I know right! Having a big sister automatically means having a double wardrobe. She would always have that shirt that would match your jeans or those accessories that are perfect for your outfit.

She helps you deal with your parents

Through her firstborn experience, she is like your free manual or instructor that tells you what to say and so when your parents are pissed with you. Sometimes, she plays the role of a mediator and tries to soothe over situations.

She is your personal therapist

Big sisters always know the magic words to make you feel better. She knows how to lighten up your mood. She gives the most insightful advice because she cares deeply about you.

She will always be honest with you

Big sisters always give an honest opinion about your outfit, guys or anything; even though you might not like the truth, she would always keep it real.

She is your personal dating adviser

Having boyfriend/girlfriend issues? Tell them to your big sister she would always give you the best advice. And even share her experiences with you so you can learn one or two from her. She would always help you through your first date, first relationship quarrel and even first breakup.

She is your personal jukebox

Big sisters always have good jams that are perfect for your every mood. You can jam out to music together, sing loud and dance weirdly without judgement. She also knows the latest movies and trends in fashion and sometimes surprises you with them.

She knows your capabilities

Whenever you have self-doubts or need moral support, big sisters are always there to reassure you and encourage you. She knows what you can do and cannot do. She also pushes you out of your comfort zone sometimes.

No boundaries

When interacting with your big sister, there is no boundary. You can walk around in your most hilarious sleeping clothes or even undies without any judgement. You are always free to invade her privacy anytime.

She helps you go through the "grown up" stuff

When puberty hits, she would always be the first to notice your changes and put you through. She would also be the first to explain adult stuff to you.