10 Reasons To End The Relationship Despite Loving Him

10 Reasons To End The Relationship Despite Loving Him

As the popular song goes, "sometimes love just ain't enough." And it's very true. You can have all the right feelings about this person. Hell, you might have even considered spending a lifetime together. And yet, the best way forward could be walking away from the relationship.

Relationships take more than love. Therefore, there are many obstacles that can cause the relationship to be doomed. For instance, you should be compatible. And then there has to be an effort from both parties to keep the relationship going. But obviously, no relationship is perfect or without its challenges.

But sometimes, a look beyond the general challenges that come with being in a relationship is necessary. This will help you know the harsh truths about you and your future together. It takes a lot of courage to face such issues, especially when you still love him.

If this is the dilemma troubling you, there are ways you can find out the truth. You can look into these signs and determine if your relationship has a future or not.

1. You are reading this kind of literature

If you are looking for articles such as this, then it might be time to walk away. People in healthy relationships are usually looking for positive information about relationships.

2. You are not happy

No relationship that takes away your happiness is worth maintaining. That should be a no-brainer.

3. Your needs and expectations go unmet

As a party to any relationship, have your needs met. If that is an issue, then you have a big problem.

4. There is no growth for you as a couple or as individuals

In this life, you have to move forward somehow, both in relationships and on an individual level. Life has many challenges that need you to advance to counter them.

5. You are worse off because of the relationship

In a relationship, you should add value to each other's lives. However, some relationships do the exact opposite and bring out the worst in the two of you. That is a sign that you should probably call it quits and go your separate ways.

6. You are always hoping things will improve

If things are just bad, and all you do is hope that they will get better, that's not a good sign for your relationship. Sure, every relationship has to grow. But if things are always bad, and they never seem to get better, then you might be better off walking away.

7. You are getting abused

Under no circumstances should you tolerate abuse in a relationship. Even with love, this will be a toxic relationship that will suck the life out of you. So, before it's too late and you turn into an empty shell, walk away, despite the love.

8. You keep arguing over the same things

If this is happening, it means that you are not ready to make compromises for each other's sake. It is a sign of deep incompatibility.

9. You regularly wonder if there's something better out there

This implies that you are dissatisfied, and not yet where you should be as far as your ideal relationship goes.

10. You are regularly breaking and making up

If your relationship is a rollercoaster ride with breakups, then it might not be meant to be. This is a sign that you cannot solve your issues peacefully, and that is a huge red flag.