10 Reasons To Date An Artsy Girl


Artsy girls often have an undeserved reputation for being dark and brooding, but the truth is they can be some of the friendliest and most peaceful people you'll ever meet. In fact, an artsy girl can make an amazing girlfriend for several reasons:

1. She Gives The Best Gifts

An artsy girl won't settle for a generic gift like a wallet. Instead, she'll put effort into creating a personalized present for you, such as a drawing or a poem. While her gifts may not always be practical, they will be heartfelt and sentimental.

2. She's Learned From Her Pain

An artsy girl is capable of using her pain as a source of personal growth. Unlike other people, she won't burden you with her past relationship issues. Instead, she'll channel her emotions into her art, which can help her find closure and let go of her ex for good.

3. She's in Touch With Her Emotions

An artsy girl embraces her emotions and doesn't shy away from them. She confronts them with courage and is skilled at putting her feelings into words. With her, you won't have to guess what's going on in her mind as she'll be able to articulate her thoughts and emotions with clarity.

4. She Can Make You Live Forever

An artsy girl finds inspiration in the things and people she loves. As her significant other, you may become her muse, inspiring her to paint, sing, or write about you. Your memory will be immortalized through her art, making you a part of her creative legacy.

5. She Loves to be Touched

A passionate artsy girl seeks strong emotions, and that's why she cherishes foreplay as much as sex itself. She craves to experience intense sensations. Furthermore, she's open-minded, which means the intimacy in the bedroom will be exciting and possibly explore new territories.

6. She's Adventurous

An artsy girl has a thirst for experiencing the world around her, which means she's always up for an adventure. Whether it's a spontaneous road trip or a last-minute flight, she's eager to explore new places and find inspiration in the world. With her, you'll never be bored, as she always has an idea for something exciting to do.

7. She Has a Great Memory

Artsy girls are known for their keen observation skills and excellent memory, making them highly perceptive to their surroundings. This means that she will notice the smallest details about you, like a new haircut or a different cologne. You'll always feel important and appreciated when you're with her, as she truly pays attention to you.

8. She'll Give You Your Space

A relationship with an artsy girl doesn't necessarily mean losing your friends. She values her alone time with her art, which means you'll have plenty of opportunities to hang out with your friends while she works on her craft.

9. She Knows How to Read People

An artsy girl is attuned to emotions and can read people well, even without words. So when you're feeling down, she'll notice it in your body language and won't need you to explicitly tell her to leave you alone.

10. She's Talented

An artsy girl is a dynamic and imaginative person who always has something to say. Her passion and creativity are infectious, making her a perfect companion to introduce to your parents and friends. You'll be proud to show off your girlfriend, knowing that she's intelligent, captivating, and fascinating to be around.