10 Reasons Strong, Independent Women Are The Hardest To Love

Men may find strong and independent women to be some of the best girlfriends, but we can also be challenging to love. Our admirable qualities can sometimes make us flaky in relationships. While it's amazing to be with a woman who excels in life, it can come at a cost. Here are some qualities that make us more complicated than most:

1. We Can Be Cold

We have a polarizing approach to relationships - it's either all or nothing. Unless we're convinced that a man is worth our attention, we'll remain distant and cold. We're self-sufficient and content on our own, so we're not in a rush to invite anyone in, especially if we're not sure they're capable of being a great partner. It's difficult to break through our tough exterior, and we'll maintain our independent spirit until he does.

2. We're Not Quick To Show Our Feelings

A powerful woman's identity involves being in control at all times. Entering into a relationship can be scary, particularly when we're not comfortable with showing our emotions or letting go of our tough exterior. It takes time and patience for us to open up and reveal our true selves to others.

3. We Don't Ask For Help

Women who are strong and independent often choose to suffer quietly instead of asking for help. Our independence is a defining characteristic, and we believe we can manage everything alone. Even when we need a man's help, we hesitate to admit it, especially for something as small as hanging new curtains. We worry about how he will react and whether it will make us appear less strong. It is difficult for us to ask for assistance, even when we truly require it.

4. We're Better At Solving Our Own Problems

Nevertheless, we have become so skilled at resolving our own difficulties that we forget how to seek help when necessary. Hanging curtains? We can handle that ourselves, or we might engage a handyman as a last resort. Independent women are highly proficient at accomplishing tasks without the assistance of others. We are convinced that we only require ourselves to achieve what we want or need.

5. We're Not Really Team Players

Alpha females function optimally on their own. It is this characteristic that enables us to excel in everything we do. It takes us a long time to get used to the concept of living with someone else, sharing our space, and relinquishing our solo approach to life. We know how to be our own greatest companions, and it will take more than a few dates for us to consider the possibility of a romantic relationship.

6. We Can Be Selfish

Our priority is to lead a fulfilling life, and sometimes, having a significant other takes a backseat. Our natural tendency is to focus on our individual goals, and learning to accommodate someone else's needs requires time and effort. If a man desires to be with a woman who exudes an alpha personality, he needs to be patient and understanding.

7. We Have Zero Tolerance For Laziness

As strong women, we identify ourselves as Type A individuals. For a man to have a chance with us, he must work as hard as we do in our respective professions. Love takes a backseat until we find someone whose work ethic can match ours. We have high expectations, and unless he can keep up, he won't stand a chance.

8. Our Perfectionism Can Be A Turn-Off

Our lives have to be perfect, right down to the smallest detail. If a man cannot fit into our predetermined vision, he should not even try. Our schedules are meticulous and carefully planned to make the most out of our time. We are very particular, and if he interferes with our plans, he should be prepared for an argument.

9. We Have High Standards

Our expectations for a partner are exceptionally high, and we make no apologies for that. To us, if a task is worth doing, it should be done well, including being a boyfriend. Our ideal guy must match our already exceptional lifestyle, and he should be prepared to put in the effort to be his best self. Anyone who is afraid of such a challenge is not the right fit for us; we have no intention of settling for anything less than perfection.

10. We're Not Always Easy To Deal With, But We Will Be Worth It

It's true that we can be difficult to love, but it's only because we know our worth. We are confident that no one can love a man more intensely or inspire him to be a better version of himself than we can. Those who are willing to take on the challenge of being with us will find the experience incredibly fulfilling and rewarding.