10 Reasons He Never Compliments You And What You Can Do About It

Receiving compliments from your boyfriend can be a wonderful experience that boosts your ego and makes you feel noticed and appreciated. However, if your guy never gives you compliments, it can be disappointing. If you're facing this situation, consider some of the reasons why it might be happening and explore what you can do to address the issue.

1. He's Got A Different Love Language

Everyone has a unique love language, which is the way they show affection and care for their partner. For some, gifts are the perfect display of love, while for others, kind words are more important. If you value compliments, it's likely that your love language is words of affirmation. However, your boyfriend might have a different love language. To deal with this, it's essential to talk to him about your love languages and see where you both stand.

2. He Doesn't Think You Like Them

If your boyfriend used to give you compliments but stopped, it might be because you didn't receive them well. If you swatted them away or responded negatively, he may have felt discouraged from giving them. To address this issue, talk to him about why you've been rejecting compliments and explain that you do appreciate them.

3. He's Become Lazy

Your boyfriend might believe that he doesn't have to give you compliments regularly because he's expressed his admiration in the past. However, this can make you feel underappreciated. To address this, express your feelings and ask him how he feels about compliments. It might be that he's not aware of how much you value them.

4. He's Painfully Shy

If you've just started dating and your boyfriend is shy, he may find it challenging to express his feelings through compliments. It's essential to give him time to come out of his shell and feel more comfortable around you. Once he feels more at ease, he'll be better able to express his emotions.

5. He's A Fader

If your boyfriend used to compliment you regularly but has stopped, it might be a sign that he's losing interest in the relationship. If you notice other signs of fading interest, such as going AWOL, it's important to address these issues as they could indicate a deeper problem.

6. He Doesn't Realize It's A Big Deal

It's easy to assume that your boyfriend is being unkind if he doesn't compliment your new hairstyle or job promotion, but it's possible that he doesn't place a lot of importance on these things. Some people value compliments more than others, and this may be the case with your partner. Pay attention to how he responds to receiving compliments, as it can provide insight into his perspective.

7. He's Insecure

It's possible that your boyfriend's hesitance to compliment you stems from insecurity rather than shyness. He may believe that you already receive frequent praise for your intelligence, beauty, or fashion sense from others, and therefore, doesn't think it's necessary for him to add to it. Boosting his confidence and demonstrating how much he matters to you may encourage him to express his admiration more freely.

8. He Shows You He Values You

Consider that the lack of compliments may not be a cause for concern. Allow me to explain. Your boyfriend may demonstrate his appreciation for you through other gestures, such as brewing a cup of tea when you've had a tough day or popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate your successes. His intense eye contact from across the room or a reassuring palm on your back may also be indications of how attractive he finds you. Perhaps hearing words of praise is not necessary for you to feel valued.

9. He's Taking You For Granted

It's possible that your boyfriend is taking you and your accomplishments for granted, which can lead to relationship problems. Rekindling the spark and reminding each other of your importance can help prevent a breakup.

10. He's Toxic

If your boyfriend tends to criticize rather than compliment you, it's not a healthy dynamic for your relationship. Your partner should uplift and support you, not make you question your worth. Instead of trying to change him, it may be best to end the relationship.