10 Reasons Guys Hate Being Called Cute (Better Names To Use)

Many guys, whether they consider themselves macho or not, can be sensitive to certain things, including being referred to as cute. This article details 10 reasons why guys hate the term.


There are numerous reasons why guys don't enjoy being called cute, ranging from associations with childhood memories to feeling dismissed.

Here are some of the most common reasons:

1. It Makes Them Feel Childish

One of the primary reasons guys dislike the term is because it makes them feel like a child. It may also evoke memories of being called cute by their mothers and other female family members when they were younger. Most guys want to be perceived as strong, capable, and attractive men, not cute children.

2. They Think You Don't Take Them Serious

A second reason is that being called cute can make guys feel like they are not being taken seriously, either in a particular situation or in general. Guys don't want to be cute; they want to date someone who is cute. To a guy, being referred to as cute is similar to being referred to as an adorable little boy or girl.

3. They Think You Don't Think They're Sexy

A large majority of guys, whether they are in a relationship, single, or uncertain, want to be seen as sexy by the opposite sex, even if they don't admit it. Being called cute undermines this desire and can be a huge blow to a guy who is trying to come across as sexy.

4. They Don't Think You're Serious

When a partner or crush calls a guy cute, it can make him feel like he is not being taken seriously. In his mind, if the person took him seriously and saw him as a strong and attractive man, they would refer to him using a more masculine term, such as stud muffin or handsome. Calling a guy cute regularly may signal to him that he is being dismissed as a romantic option.

5. They Think You're Being Condescending

Some guys have difficulty distinguishing between a genuine compliment when someone calls them cute and a condescending remark. To avoid confusion, it's best to avoid calling guys cute unless you have a close relationship with them and they understand your intended meaning. Nobody, including guys, likes to feel like their partner or crush is being condescending.

6. They Want To Be Seen As Macho, Not Cute

For many men, being perceived as masculine is important. The last thing they want to hear from a romantic partner is the word "cute" being directed towards them. Uttering the word "cute" in reference to any part of their anatomy is an even bigger no-no. If you don't want to risk being ghosted, it's best to use a different word.

7. They Think You Are Poking Fun At Them

Some men may feel that being called "cute" is a form of playful teasing, especially if they don't consider themselves physically attractive. Even if they are confident in their looks, they may feel that being referred to as "cute" implies that their affectionate or romantic gestures fall short. In this case, they may initially feel embarrassed but will likely get over it quickly.

8. It Reduces Their Confidence

Being called "cute" repeatedly can undermine a man's confidence, particularly when it comes to his appearance. On the other hand, being called "sexy," "handsome," or "stud" has the opposite effect and can make a man feel attractive, manly, and desirable to the opposite sex.

9. It Makes Them Feel Soft

The word "cute" is not a tough or edgy term and can make some men feel soft. Many men strive to appear as masculine as possible, so calling them "cute" too often can cause their confidence to wane and may even affect their feelings of attraction towards you in the long run.

10. They Think You See Them As A Boy

If you call a man "cute" more than once, he may develop a complex about it. For many men, being referred to as "cute" takes them back to their childhoods and can make them feel that you see them as child-like instead of as the strong and sexy man they want you to see.


There are countless names to use instead of "cute" for men.

Here are a few popular options:

- Stud (or Stud Muffin)

- Boo

- Babe

- Charming

- Darling

- Baby

- Bae

- Lover

- Handsome

- Husband

- Sexy

- Daddy

- Sugar Bear

- Mister (or Mister Man)


Do Guys Like Being Called Handsome?

Many men appreciate being called "handsome" by women, whether it's from a partner or not. It boosts their ego and makes them feel attractive to the opposite sex.

Do Guys Like Being Called Sugar?

Using "sugar" as a term of endearment can be a hit or miss. Some men love it, while others reject it as being too feminine. However, fewer men reject "sugar" compared to "cute."

Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

Most men do not have any objections to being referred to as "daddy." In fact, many men consider being called "daddy" by their significant others as an expression of affection, reverence, and confidence, as well as a playful and flirtatious remark. However, it is important to note that the reaction to the term "daddy" may vary from one individual to another.