10 Rare Qualities Only Genuine People Possess

10 Rare Qualities Only Genuine People Possess

Shakespeare clearly said it a couple of centuries ago: "This above all: to thine own self be true..."

There can be no hope of having a true relationship with another person without first being true to yourself. Another person has to connect to something real about you in order to connect to you in a deep and meaningful way.

A lot of people go around with a fake persona they show to the world and then end up disappointed that they can't find a true connection. If you put on a mask, you will attract the people who like that mask, but when it slips off and they see the real you, they will most likely not stick around.

But I assume you are one of the few real people out there. And I understand you can have a problem finding other genuine people you can associate with. Luckily, I have made a list of ten things that are so rare that you will only find them in genuine people.

1. They Are Deeply Intuitive

Genuine people are able to see beyond the fronts people put up, and that makes them highly intuitive. That is why they can easily avoid people who act fake.

2. They Take Responsibility For Their Mistakes

It's rare for someone to take responsibility for their mistakes. But genuine and trustworthy people do. And as a result, they will always try to make themselves better as they don't want to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Fake people who cannot accept they have made a mistake will hardly ever change themselves for the better.

3. They Are Not Obsessed With Making Other People Like Them

Genuine people know and appreciate who they are, and they will not change that to be liked by someone. They understand that some people will like them and others will not, regardless of who they are.

4. They Don't Place Too Much Value On Material Things

Someone who is genuine will not look at the world materialistically. They are well aware of the fact that money is not the key to happiness.

5. They Are Optimistic

The life of a genuine person is just like any other, full of ups and downs. However, these people are optimistic and always focus on the good days to come.

6. They Are Dedicated To Learning

Genuine people like to grow in all ways. Therefore, they are always willing to learn. They will, therefore, seek out new experiences and embrace changes more easily as they understand that is what life is all about and that this is what it takes to grow.

7. They Are Very Brave

Although genuine people might hold back when called upon to handle daredevil stunts, they will be fearless when it turns out they can do something to help you out.

8. They Understand Their Worth

Genuine people, like everyone else, will pay attention to the opinion of other people. However, they have enough confidence in what they know and believe because they know your worth. Even while remaining respectful of other people's opinions, they will still have independent points of view.

9. They Are Self-confident

Because they put quite some effort into making themselves better, genuine people are quite self-confident. People with a lot of drama in their lives often lack a sense of self-worth.

10. They Cannot Stand Being Around Fake People

Genuine people are sincere, and they don't like insincere people. That is why they will usually speak the truth, even if it is a little unpalatable, because they like being real.

If you have these attributes, you are a rare breed indeed. The world needs more people like you. A genuine person knows the true meaning of a relationship. This person understands that spending time with a genuine person is far better than a fake person's attention.