10 Rare And Incredible Traits Of People Who Possess True Integrity

10 Rare And Incredible Traits Of People Who Possess True Integrity

People with integrity have a proper moral bearing, and that's very rare. Integrity goes beyond honesty and openness. You can be honest but still lack integrity. This virtue has nothing to do with others, but it has everything to do with having strong moral values that you can uphold even on your own.

When you have integrity, you will be truthful and fair. Unfortunately, the world today is filled with evil and corruption, and people who are willing to stand firm and do the right thing in the face of these overwhelming tides of this indecency are rare.


Here are 10 traits you will find on people with integrity.

1. Humility

Even though people with integrity are strong, confident, and can stand up for themselves, they are also quite humble. In general, they don't need the recognition of other people whenever they do something praiseworthy.

2. They Reserve Judgment

People with integrity try not to judge someone until they have enough and compelling information. So, even when they sense something is amiss, they will not act on that information until there is undeniable proof of their suspicions. So yes, a person with integrity will take you at your word, just be sure not to prove them wrong.


3. They Give Credit Where It's Due

A person with integrity does not take credit for something they were never part of, even when they can get away with it and benefit from it. They want those who have made the effort to get credit for their work.

4. They Are Altruistic

People with integrity generally like to help others, and it's not because they want the world to know they are good people, but because they know such acts make the world a better place. They do it for the general good so that we can all have more peaceful and loving lives.


5. They Are Very Honest

These people are so honest, you can even think they are being rude. They are just not into lying, and they understand that honesty is the best policy, even when the truth hurts.

6. Genuineness

People with integrity are very genuine. They have nothing to hide from the world, and what you see is what you get.


7. They Respect Other People's Time

Someone with integrity places a lot of value on other people's time. They also appreciate the timeliness, and tardiness is something they don't like at all. In general, they like people who are organized about their time. They do this because they also like it when other people are respectful of their time.


8. They Can See Lies

People who have integrity and are always telling the truth tend to be very good at telling when someone is telling lies. So, trying to make fools of them will backfire very badly.

9. They Are Not Argumentative, They Simply Share Their Opinions

People with integrity respect other people's points of view. They know that differences exist and that they don't make us better or worse. So, you will not catch them trying to impose their opinions on you, because they don't regard their own opinions more highly than other people's.


10. They Are Always Apologetic

Nobody is perfect, and even people with integrity understand that. When they make a mistake, they will apologize without having to think about how that makes them look. They have no egos to consider when it's time for them to make an apology for a wrong, even when they were not responsible for it.