10 Qualities Of Empaths Preventing Them From Finding A Long-Term Partner

10 Qualities Of Empaths Preventing Them From Finding A long-term Partner

Empathy is the ability to read and understand the people around you or being able to resonate with others. For natural empaths, this ability comes naturally. As a result, they tend to be hypersensitive people who generally experience high levels of compassion towards others. They can sense the deep emotions in other people since they are good observers, along with being great listeners.

Being the compassionate people they are, they can't help but nurture everyone around them, which often results in them putting the feelings of others before their own. Although these traits sound like what everyone wants in a long-term relationship, empaths actually have a tough time finding partners. So what are the qualities of an empath that may hurt their chances of finding a long-term partner?


1. They tend to be too devoted

Empaths have no problem being loving and loyal in a relationship. In fact, they take the relationship seriously from very early on, jumping in with an open heart and soul. They expect their partners to be on the same frequency as well, giving everything with as much devotion. However, this creates an environment where expectations are too high, and empaths usually end up being disappointed by their partners in one way or another.


2. They fall in love deeply

Due to their ability to be open and vulnerable, empaths tend to experience that warm and fuzzy feeling on a deeper scale than other people normally would. By wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they may set themselves up for heartbreak since their partners may not fall in love as intensely as they would.


3. They are brutally honest

Empaths value honesty. Hence they are very transparent with their partners. Therefore, they expect their partners to possess this quality as well. Unfortunately, not everyone is as adept in truth-telling, so the relationships often don't pan out.

4. They have complicated personalities

Although empaths may seem to be straightforward people, their personalities are actually quite intricate. They are walking mysteries, and no matter how well you get to know them, there is always going to be a side of them that you haven't fully uncovered. This poses some obvious problems in relationships, especially when they don't share significant secrets with partners.


5. Empaths crave stability

Empaths usually seek out partners who can be a source of safety, strength, and security, but more often than not, they don't find them. This may much discourage them in their quest to find a long-term relationship.

6. They take things to heart

Empaths tend to take things relatively more personally. They are easily upset by things other people say or do what they perceive to be directed at them purposely to hurt their feelings. Therefore, they need partners that are able to grasp this about them.


7. They can see right through you

Due to their insightfulness, empaths are able to see the sides of people which they might not be too willing to share, whether it is good or bad. In a relationship, they can easily detect when they are being lied to.

8. They have certain goals in mind

Empaths usually have distinct goals they want to achieve in life, and relationships are no different. Therefore, they require partners who love and fully support what they want, which is quite a rare find.


9. They desire meaningful relationships

A fling is the last thing on an empath's mind when looking for a relationship. Sadly for them, many people today prefer to have short sexual relationships that allow them to cut ties easily.

10. They despise control

Empaths are free spirits. Hence their desire to be free often trumps the need to be in long-term relationships. Relationships can feel terribly confining to them, especially when their partners don't embrace their tendency to act on their own accord.


Final Thoughts

Long term partners may be hard to find for empaths, but this does not mean that they should give up or confine to specific standards. Instead, they should seek out partners who readily accept them for who they are. For a relationship to be successful, empaths should look for consideration, tolerance, and a whole lot of love.