10 Priceless Bits Of Advice For Living Your Best Life Now!

10 Priceless Bits Of Advice For Living Your Best Life Now!

Sometimes you lose, other times you learn. Let's turn the most common mistakes into future wins, it's all in our minds, anyway!

Love's not enough

It's a beautiful concept, but in reality, love's never enough. People should appreciate, respect you, be there for you.

Lost loves should teach us to love ourselves first so that we can find more meaningful relationships.

Mental breaks, no breakdowns!

Sometimes we feel as if the world is closing in on us. The burden, stresses, responsibilities… It's all too much, and instead of burning out, take a break.

A break can be anything from a spa weekend to a daily habit of practicing meditation, yoga, or painting. It's food for your soul, reset for the mind, and rest for your body.

Stop pushing yourself to the breaking points; instead, take a break!

New Year, new me?

Stop waiting for the right moment.

There's no such thing as perfect timing. Change starts when you are ready to give up your old habits and slowly introduce healthy ones into your life.

While we are waiting for the best opportunity, we're missing many not as ideal, but good enough ones. The same goes for love, family, and your life in general.

Do you really need a holiday to stop smoking or drinking? To break free from a toxic relationship? No!

Perfection is overrated

We cannot photoshop life. You're not perfect, and neither is your life, but guess what? That's great!

Not only is it impossible to be perfect, but you're also wasting your time and energy trying to please everyone. Find people who accept you as you are. Maybe a bit on the lazy side, perhaps a bit neurotic. You can work on making your flaws weaker, but let's not pretend that there is perfection.

People come and go

Not everyone stays in your life forever.

From old lovers to friends from school, some people can simply become a great memory. Others will leave us scars, but you'll heal with time.

There's no need for bitterness: people come into our lives because they needed to. Some will stay for good; some will leave, but eventually, the ultimate happiness in knowing that you can manage on your own.

Forgive and forget

What's the point of forgiving if you can't forget?

Forgive people from the past, to let those memories go. Acceptance isn't easy, but the more you learn about it, the easier it will come to you.

Forgive people who are still in your life. Stop holding grudges, and if they do you wrong again, that's on them.

If you can't, don't bother trying. Live and let live.

People can't change

No one should be forced to change. And it would be best if you didn't spend days, months, even years, trying to change a person.

Change comes from within, and the ultimate decision isn't up to you or me: it's up to that person. We can either accept them or let them go.

Tit for tat?

It's crappy, sure, but you cannot believe that once you give someone the world, they will reciprocate.

If you're doing someone a favor, that's your kindness shining through. But if you think they have to do something for you as well, that's not healthy.

Pay attention to whom it is that you're giving your time and resources to. And forget regret: you'll only be harming yourself with that useless feeling.

You're not a savior

It's important to understand that you are only human, You can't save everyone, and you certainly cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

Don't let people drag you into their dramas, real or made-up. You can be a good friend, and offer your input, but the rest is up to them.


The more time you spend working on yourself, the more love and understanding you'll be able to give to others.

But, you must be doing your best to have the life you want.

Start now, write down things you need, and something you want. Keep writing, your best qualities vs. the ones you want to change. And then, take action, turn things around.

Life's not about surviving, there's so much more, and everything starts with you!