10 Phrases To Explain Being Single

Being alone does not always have to be negative. It can be one of the most enjoyable, stimulating, and emancipating moments of your life. The next time you find yourself feeling down about not being in a relationship, try substituting the word "single" in your thoughts with one of these alternative expressions.

1. "Awesome, Party Of One"

You are aware of your own self-worth and do not require anyone else to fill a void.


2. "Independently Owned And Operated"

One of the greatest perks of being alone is the unrestricted liberty to pursue your desires and make choices independently.

3. "Independence Personified"

Self-reliance is something to be proud of and you embody it completely, so be proud of it!

4. "Alone But Not Lonely"

You are not alone, as you have the support of your loved ones and companions, but also because you possess such self-sufficiency that you don't require any external validation.


5. "In Love With Myself"

You think no one loves you? That's not true! You can see the person who adores you every day, simply by looking at yourself in the mirror.

6. "In A Committed Relationship With Me"

You are never alone, as you have someone who is dedicated to always putting your well-being first, because you have yourself.

7. "Solo And Sassy"

You're living your life to the fullest as a single woman and you should be proud of it!


8. "BBB: Beautiful Badass Bitch"

You are single by choice, knowing that you are beautiful and confident, and you're not settling for anyone less than what you deserve.

9. "Lovely Laid Back Lady"

You are aware that you are more relaxed than most people, that's why you need to find the right kind of partner before committing to a relationship.

10. "The One Guys Claim To Want But Can't Handle"

You know that you possess the qualities that men claim to desire, but they don't know how to deal with it when they actually encounter someone like you.