10 Of The Most Meaningful Compliments That You Can Give

10 Of The Most Meaningful Compliments That You Can Give

Compliments are wonderful things - they can be so small and seem so insignificant - just a few words - but can make a huge difference in someone's life. It's just a couple of words that you say in the spur of the moment but it could make a person's day a lot brighter.

If you think back to the last time someone complimented you, you'll know the value of a heartfelt compliment. However, there are compliments that mean more than just a 'you look nice today' comment.


If you want the people around you to know that you love and appreciate them, feel free to use the following examples as a way of expressing it. You will also make them feel great, and that's always a good thing.

You Always Make Me Smile

Knowing that you can make someone smile even when they are in a bad mood is a rather special feeling. It's actually one of the best feelings in the world because you know you make someone else's life a little better. The receiver of this compliment will definitely smile and perhaps blush a bit.


You Are A Wonderful Parent/You Will Be A Wonderful Parent

Being a parent is a tremendously important task and not to be taken lightly. Anyone can have children, but being a parent takes special love and is a great achievement. To many, raising children is the ultimate goal in life. If you tell someone that they are a good parent, or will be one when they have kids, it is a huge compliment. It's a layered compliment because you are saying that they are capable of taking care of another human, that they are selfless and very loving.


You Are Beautiful Inside And Out

This is one that anyone would love to hear. But it's said so much that when you say it, you have to add emotion to make it feel real. Otherwise, you risk sounding unoriginal and fake. With this compliment, you will make the receiver feel good about how they look as well as the person that they are.

I Love How You Are Always There For Me

If you have someone who is always ready to support you, you have to let them know you appreciate that. It's not easy to find someone who will always be there for you, so make sure if you have such a person that they feel adored. This compliment lets the person know that you realize they are dependable, loyal, and a great friend.


I Completely And Utterly Trust You

Finding a person that you can trust with your whole being is a rarity. If you have found such a wonderful and special person, make sure you appreciate them often. It takes a great soul to be completely trustworthy.

You Truly Walk The Walk

With this compliment, you are telling someone that you can see that they mean what they say and that they're not just full of hot air. The kind of person who gets this compliment doesn't just talk, he/she does! This is a trait to be proud of for sure.


You Are A Glass-half-full Person

This may sound a little silly but this basically tells the other person that you notice how positive they always are and that it inspires you. Of course, this compliment only works if the person is actually very sunny. If not, you'll sound like an oddball and a liar, or you'll come across as sarcastic.

You Are Such A Breath Of Fresh Air

There are so many people out there who try to fit a certain mold, who want to be like everyone else. If you know someone who isn't like everyone around them and authentically themselves, shower them with love. It is always a good idea to be true to yourself and being appreciated for it is always a special feeling.


You Are A Wonderful Example

Hearing these words would certainly make anyone's day. Being told that you are an example to other people is a wonderful compliment. Deep down, most of us want to be a good role model for others so if someone has done something exemplary, compliment them! They deserve it.

Thank You For Just Being You

These 6 little words can turn a horrible day into the best day in a long time. Being told that you are amazing just the way you are is fantastic. And that is exactly what this complement does. Getting thanked for being who you are leaves you feeling really good and would put a smile on any face.


Use these compliments to let the people in your life know you really care and value them. But use them wisely - throwing these at them every 5 minutes will take away the precious meaning behind the words.