10 Negative Traits Women Have That Guys Have To Put Up With

He must be taller than six feet, possess a great sense of humor, and if he ever dons a pink bow tie, you'll end the relationship instantly. Society often encourages us to never settle for anything less than the perfect partner, but do we ever consider that potential partners may also have reservations about us? Perhaps you're more of a homebody than he prefers, or he'd prefer someone more low-key. We all have some less-than-desirable traits that our future partners will have to tolerate, but that doesn't mean they should be deal-breakers. Before dismissing men who don't fit your ideal, consider the negative traits you possess that potential partners may be willing to overlook.

1. You're Insanely Jealous

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You Love Spending Time With Him

You may tend to excessively check his Facebook profile, inquire about every one of his female associates, or throw a fit when he goes out for a night with his buddies. However, your partner is aware that beneath that jealousy lies a woman who cares deeply for him and would rather spend more time with him than anyone else in the world.

2. You Can Come Off Like A Total Bitch

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You'll Speak Your Mind

Although you may appear brusque, insensitive, or even impolite, your partner understands that you will not allow anyone to take advantage of you. He is confident in your ability to assert yourself, as he has witnessed it firsthand. When necessary, you will defend yourself - and him - and any person would be fortunate to have a companion like you in their life.

3. You Rage When You Fight

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You Care

The antithesis of affection is not loathing; it's apathy. Arguing demonstrates that you still have a stake in the relationship and desire for it to succeed. When the fights cease, that's when he truly comprehends it has ended. Therefore, he will tolerate your moments of rage, as he knows you still hold feelings for him.

4. You're A Know-It-All

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows It Means You're Damn Smart

This may be intimidating to some men, however, most appreciate being with a well-educated woman. Recognizing that you are on his level of intelligence or higher, challenges him to improve and evolve as well. He feels secure in the knowledge that you can engage in meaningful conversations and handle yourself in any situation.

5. You Stress Way Too Much Over The Little Things

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You'll Always Be Looking Out For Him

You constantly fret about various things. The phrase "high-strung" could have been coined specifically for you. But, your partner understands that your anxiety is a sign of your attentiveness and he knows that you will notice immediately if something is amiss. Your tendency to worry demonstrates how much he means to you and that if he ever needs anything, you will be the first to offer support.

6. You're Aggressive

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You're Not A Pushover

You possess a forceful personality, yet your significant other does not mind. He is aware that he cannot exploit you, and nor can anyone else. You are able to assert yourself and that allows him to not always feel compelled to act as a protector.

7. You Don't Put Out On The First Date

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows For A Fact That He's Not Just A Hook-up

You may come across as conservative and may abide by the 90-day rule, which suggests waiting three months before becoming intimate with a partner. Your partner is willing to be patient, as he understands that you take your relationship seriously and that you are not just in it for the physical aspect.

8. You're Not The Adventurous Type

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows You Can Be His Rock

Perhaps you don't enjoy going out every weekend or taking part in daring activities. While your calm and steady nature may not appeal to some thrill-seekers, there is someone out there who will appreciate the sense of security you bring to their life. They know that they can always count on you to provide a level-headed perspective, someone to ground them when they may be getting carried away.

9. You're Needy And/or Clingy

He Puts Up With It: He Likes To Feel Strong For You

Conventional wisdom advises against being overly dependent as it can make some men feel suffocated, and modern-day feminism encourages women to be independent and self-reliant. However, there are still men who prefer more traditional gender roles and many would be content with a woman who leans on them for support. If you tend to be on the more dependent side, do not be concerned as your partner will appreciate the chance to show that he can take care of you when needed.

10. You're A Drama Queen

He Puts Up With It Because: He Knows There Will Never Be A Dull Moment

You may have been labeled as "high maintenance" or "difficult to handle". Many may advise men to stay away from you, as it's believed that a little less drama in life is beneficial. However, some individuals may appreciate, or even relish, the emotional fluctuations that come with dating you. Being with someone who is a "drama queen" may provide excitement and break the monotony of daily life for some men.