10 Must-Have Needs To Take You From Emotional Starvation To Emotional Satisfaction

10 Must-have Needs To Take You From Emotional Starvation To Emotional Satisfaction

I've had plenty on my plate lately, so I have been anxious, restless, sad, lacking in passion, and yearning for emotional fulfillment. Yes, work has been great, and I have no complaints about my academic achievements or physical health.

But although I have been living, I have not been feeling alive.

I miss a life filled with the promise of great achievements and the anticipation of better days. Instead, what I have had are tasteless days devoid of any purpose.

Emotionally, I'm void. And like many other people, I tried to fill that void with my favorite foods.

But let's face it, stuffing your face does nothing to fill your emotional voids.

However, the fact is that many people go through this life acting like they have it all together. Like they have no needs.

But that's all BS.

The denial makes your heart suffer, and you begin to fall apart deep inside while deceiving everyone that all is well.

In my research, I have discovered 10 ways to find emotional fulfillment.

1. Have Emotional Connections To Other People

We must connect emotionally with other people to fulfill our own emotional needs. Without an emotional connection to someone, you lack a critical emotional necessity.

2. A Feeling Of Security

For us to grow, we have to feel secure. A relationship that makes you insecure in any way stunts your emotional growth and keeps you from having peace psychologically.

So, is your relationship secure?

3. Being Part Of A Community

We need a sense of belonging to something greater than us. So, a community, a family, a tribe, or any other group plays a vital role in addressing this deep emotional need.

4. Ability To Give And Receive Attention

In any relationship, there has to be a mutual exchange of attention. In fact, studies show that the frontal lobes of children who don't get enough attention fail to develop as much as they could.

If you are in a relationship where you don't get attention or find yourself withholding attention, then that needs to change for your good.

5. Having A Status In A Community

Knowing that you contribute something positive to a community can be very important. However menial it might be in whatever role you play, if the community members recognize and appreciate your contribution, you will feel better about yourself.

6. Feeling Of Autonomy And Control

The anxiety and depression that emotional deprivation brings with it cause you to lose control of things.

Suddenly, you feel like your options have been reduced, which brings about a feeling of helplessness that denies you inner peace.

7. Being Competent And Accomplished

Humans have the unique privilege of being the only creatures with highly sophisticated prefrontal cortex.

This part of the brain requires stimulation, which is why learning new skills or doing something intellectually stimulating is important in making you feel accomplished.

8. Having A Meaningful Life

What gets you up in the morning? There has to be something important that motivates you to keep going.

Without it, your life will feel tasteless and lacking in direction.

9. Intimacy

Having healthy connections with other people makes us feel alive, and when these connections are intimate, our general wellbeing improves significantly.

10. Getting Some "Me Time"

As much as we like to spend our time with friends and other people, it is important to take some time alone to unwind and meditate on what is happening in our lives. This is the time you can be yourself, and it's very important.

Do you think you are satisfied emotionally or are you starving like many other people without knowing it? Based on this list, what is your emotional health status?