10 Life Lessons You Should Learn By The Time You're 30!

10 Life Lessons You Should Learn By The Time You’re 30!

People assume that by the time they are 30, they'll figure out life. However, the reality is different, but this might be helpful!

I hated my 21. birthday. It was a disaster, and I was convinced I was growing old and felt the pressure to nail adulting. Now, in my 30s, the only thing I can tell for sure is that no one has any idea what they're doing. But, there are some basics you should know by the time you hit 30, to survive living among and with people.

It's okay to fail

Life's full of failures. It's not about how much you fail, but how you get up. And what you learn in the process.

Friendships change

People change, evolve, grow, move away… your BFF might not be in your life in 10 years. It's not always a bad thing: we meet people, share interests but grow apart. Don't cling to your friends. If they are meant to stay in your life, they will.

Money sucks

Really, you want and need money. But you have to work hard for it, and you don't have enough time for anything. And if you do want to have a life and a career, you barely have time to sleep.

You can't win with money, so don't bother. Go to work, do your best at the moment, and don't overthink it.

Learn to save

Yup, on top of everything, you have to save. It sounds impossible, but start small. Even 50 dollars per month is better than nothing. You'll need it because we live in uncertain times.

Think of your health

You're healthy now, but things change. Learn to exercise, eat healthily, meditate; the sooner, the better. Create habits, and you'll be grateful for them in the upcoming years and decades.

Marriage and babies happen

You don't have to know if you want the married life and babies now. It sort of happens. You can't plan love, and you certainly can't rush it.

The good news is that you have more time to decide. The bad news is that you'll never be 100 percent sure about your decision.

Forget regret

While you will make mistakes, regretting them is a waste of time and energy. Whatever you decide, stick to it if you can't fix it. You'll have "What If" moments, but try to make them teachable instead of dwelling over the past.

Act locally

It's okay to dream big, but face it now: you won't save the world. You can act locally and use your knowledge to educate people close to you. But don't bother thinking globally. You'll give yourself a headache.

Never stop learning

Oh, the irony! The moment you get your degree, you're all excited, and you want to burn your books. Guess what? You're about to learn more than ever, and you're going to love it.

Adulting is continuously learning, making mistakes, and then relearning again. If you're lucky, you'll have enough time to experience things and read books. If not, you'll have to listen to others, and they have no idea what they're talking about!

Stop idolizing and idealizing

Life's like high school, but your idols are actual idiots, and your ideas don't matter. Perfection doesn't exist, so stop demanding it from yourself or from people you love.

Relationships aren't like in the movies; instead, it's a lot of compromises and unresolved arguments, but you'll learn that happy moments can make things bearable.

Instead of being scared of getting older, be curious. You are going to feel more confident, the circle of friends will get tighter, and you'll have a lot to be grateful for. Stop thinking you're always in control, and you're going to have a better life.

One last thing for those of you under 30: never take freedom, happiness, and experiences for granted. They will guide you and help you when life kicks you behind! Happy adulting!