10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

We have mastered universal truths in the most challenging way - because that is usually the case. There are things we have known for a long time, and we take for granted the wisdom we have gained through experience. And yet, we are still able to ignore all those universal truths and knowledge, to forget to practice them at some vital moment.

Here are some universal truths about life that we need to remember from time to time, overhear, learn them again, and - most importantly - practice them.

People Change Very Little

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

An unavoidable life truth is that people develop or stagnate and close off. Personal development and spiritual growth last a lifetime. Closing off and regression begin if we resist development, if we do not accept change and firmly adhere to our principles and views, without expanding our boundaries, without overcoming our prejudices, wrongs, and restraining beliefs.

Those who develop do not change much - they just discover and realize themselves more and more deeply and become more what they are. Those who resist development are becoming the worst version of themselves.

So, a selfish person will not become generous, fast, and an impulsive person will not become thoughtful and thorough. Mostly, everyone will grow within the "portrait" of their personality, develop their being as much as possible, and make some changes - positive or negative, most often both, but no one will become another person.

You need to remember this of the universal truths when you catch yourself expecting more of someone whose behavior bothers or threatens you, and you want them to change (you try to influence them positively, or you wait for them to come to their senses).

Things Rarely Go The Way You Expect

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

And later, you often realize that they unraveled as they should, even though nothing went as you thought and planned. This teaches us that it is good to plan, work out steps, have backups, and be ready and organized. We try to control our lives, but we can only control ourselves (and we usually fail to do that), so we get disappointed, frustrated, discouraged.

Things in life do not go according to our plans, and all plans change and adapt as we go. After some experience, we realize that the most important thing is to know what we want and that often what we want is achieved in ways that we could not imagine and plan. Life has its way of constantly reminding us of universal truths, including this one!

Priorities Change With Time

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

What is meaningful, engaging, and exciting to you when you are twenty gives way to other things on the list of priorities when you are fifty. This rule and many of the other universal truths also manifest in your love life and relationships.

What you look for in love, that is, from the person you are in an emotional relationship with, changes as you get older. If you are in a long-term relationship with someone, you can see how those needs change with you and your partner - if you grow and build yourself together.

You have a chance to develop more common things, priorities, and interests, which will connect you permanently. If you thrive in different directions, your relationship will probably lose its meaning.

In early youth, you think about having fun, and you are never too tired for a party. When you start a family, you have obligations and responsibilities to yourself and others. You think about how you will rest and get enough sleep to take care of everything on your to-do list. And there are countless more examples of universal truths in all areas of life.

So, when you start to lose interest in something that used to be fun for you or develop needs that you didn't have before, remember that it is part of the process of personal development and maturation.

Dwelling And Worrying About Things You Can't Change Is Pointless

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

Your energy resources are not infinite, and your nerves are not steel - you have no health to throw away and no time to waste. When you can't change something, try to know that there is no need to invest in it further.

When you have accepted the universal truths, you know better than to live life vigorously. And, when something similar happens, you don't even have to try – you either accept it immediately or distance yourself.

Forgive, forgive - yourself, as well as others - do not let something that has remained in the past that happened and cannot be erased, hold you back, and move on. If the person you care about accuses you of your past, tell them that they should do the same - forgive, let go, accept and move on, because if they can't, then they can't really love you.

In True Friendship, Intimacy Is Not Lost

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

Many universal truths are learned through friendship, and this is one of them. Friendship can be maintained even if you can't see and meet that often - you may not see someone close to you for ten or twenty years, and once you meet, it will feel like you saw each other yesterday.

You don't even have to hear each other often to keep that love and closeness in your heart. It is one of the best and noblest qualities of human connections and relationships and the most incredible privilege of friendship.

You Are Not A Victim Of This World

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

Another important rule in the bundle of universal truths is that how people treat you is their karma, and how you react is your karma.

When you say sentences like, "You're driving me crazy, this situation is bothering me, I can't believe you're treating me like this," etc., you're playing a victim game.

Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This will stop you from giving power to forces outside of you. You will no longer be a victim but a person aware of their inner strength and power.

Find Yourself In Solitude

10 Important Life Lessons That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

One of the fundamental universal truths is that you can't be lonely if you love the person you're alone with. If you are comfortable in your skin and if you love yourself, you will not be afraid to spend some time alone.

You will enjoy the time you spend alone just as much as when surrounded by the people you love.

Rejection Makes You Stronger

10 Important Universal Truths That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

You need to learn the universal truths and be grateful to all those who told you NO. Because of them, you managed to achieve everything yourself.

If you have confidence and listen to your heart and intuition, you will always know where you are going and what you will do with your life. No matter how many doors close in front of you, you will not give up and accept rejection because it makes you stronger and better, not more bitter.

You Cannot Get Self-esteem From Others

10 Important Life Lessons That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

Self-esteem cannot be obtained by others. You are valuable because you say so. Think of this as one of the most commonly applied universal truths - If your value depends on others, then it is their value.

What Exactly Do You Attract In Life

10 Important Life Lessons That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

If you are constantly looking for approval and confirmation outside of yourself, you will never be happy. On this, together with the other universal truths, we all can agree on.

We are all different and see things differently, but your reputation is not something you can control. Your reputation is not in your hands, so stop pleasing everyone around you and start pleasing YOURSELF. You are the person who matters most, and if you are not happy with what you are, the chances of others being more content with you are also not great.

If you are obsessed with the need to defeat the other and defeat them at all costs, then you are guaranteed to draw vibrations equivalent to that thinking into your life, even if you practice yoga and put chanting mantras in your head every day.

People often think that if they focus enough on something they want, they will get everything they want in life, but things don't work that way with the law of attraction. If you cleanse your mind and heart, you will attract many beautiful things into your life. Abundance will not be something you will chase because it will chase you.

10 Important Life Lessons That You Need To Repeat To Yourself Now And Again

On the other hand, if your mind and heart are full of negativity, negativity in all its forms will also appear in your life. So, the last of the universal truths - don't focus on negativity and enjoy life as it comes.

Life struggles and personal growth will allow you to make the most of your resources to solve absolutely all problems.

Next time when you think of the universal truths you have learnt, remind yourself of the famous Zen proverb:

"The bird of paradise lands only on the hand that does not grasp"

Therefore, let no problems isolate you from the world not to lose trust and openness and have faith, hope, and love. After that, when you go through that, it will be much easier on your soul, and your life will be much brighter and happier.