10 'Green Flags' That You're In A Healthy Relationship

Although it's crucial to be vigilant for warning signs in relationships to exit quickly, it's equally vital to recognize positive indications that encourage you to advance to the next stage. Due to being fixated on identifying flaws from previous bad relationships, you may overlook these "green flags." Nevertheless, here are some cues that indicate you should proceed without hesitation.

1. You Support Each Other's Goals And Dreams

You and your partner openly discuss your individual goals for the future and brainstorm ways to achieve them. You willingly offer assistance if it can hasten your partner's progress toward their objectives, and vice versa. You both acknowledge the significance of having goals and are committed to taking action to not only support but also help each other attain them.

2. You Don't Have To Filter Yourself

Naturally, you and your partner show each other respect, but you can freely express your thoughts and ideas without fear of being judged. You both understand each other's personalities and aren't anticipating any drastic changes. You can be your authentic self around your partner without worrying about negative criticism or misunderstandings stemming from your words or actions.

3. You Communicate With Words And Actions

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship, and it encompasses both verbal and nonverbal aspects. Your words and actions must align with each other. It's common for people to joke about how a woman's statement of "fine" actually means "get out of here," but in reality, both men and women may struggle to synchronize their verbal and physical communication. When you can successfully communicate in all areas, it's a sign of a healthy relationship.

4. You Can Be Apart Without Suspicion

You don't have to worry about your partner's whereabouts when he hangs out with his friends, and he doesn't automatically assume you're with someone else when you stay overnight at an elderly family member's house. Both of you are secure in the knowledge that you can pursue your individual interests, whether it's spending time with friends or embarking on a solo weekend trip, without arousing suspicion or distrust in the other person.

5. You Make Decisions Together

Significant decisions about the future are always made jointly. As a team, you make choices regarding finances and other matters that affect both of you. You don't take actions that could have an impact on the relationship without first consulting each other. Both of you recognize that you work together as a team to make the relationship successful, so you make decisions regarding the future as a team as well.

6. You're Consistently Intimate

While sex is undoubtedly important, intimacy in a relationship encompasses much more than just physical intimacy. You and your partner are comfortable with physical touch, from small gestures like brushing hair off the face to spontaneous kisses and holding hands under the table. You're familiar with each other and feel at ease in each other's company, and you engage in these acts of affection simply because you want to, not because you feel obligated.

7. You Are Each Other's Person

Whether it's good news, such as receiving a raise at work, or bad news, like having an argument with your best friend, your partner is the first person you want to share it with. Likewise, he shares his successes and struggles with you, like his new personal best time on a run. You both turn to each other for support and guidance during significant moments in your lives, whether they are positive or negative.

8. You Trust Each Other

Trust is a fundamental pillar of your relationship. You and your partner do not give each other any cause to doubt the authenticity of your relationship. You share information openly and honestly, without any need for secrecy, thus fostering an environment of transparency and trust between you both.

9. You Respect Each Other's Boundaries

Even in a healthy relationship, individuals can have personal boundaries that are essential to their well-being. These boundaries may vary in size and significance, but they are important to each of you. You respect your partner's boundaries and do not attempt to coerce them into crossing them. Similarly, you do not feel compelled to alter your own boundaries to please your partner, recognizing that they are a vital component of your personal values and beliefs.

10. You Look Forward To Being Alone Together

At the end of the day, you yearn to be in each other's company. Spending time alone with your partner is not monotonous or tedious, but instead offers a sense of solace, affection, and approval.

In the end, you crave being with your partner. Being alone with them does not signify a mundane or repetitive experience, but rather provides a sense of comfort, affection, and affirmation.