10 Great Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best!

10 Great Reasons Why Aunts Are The Best!

It's like a crossover between a mother and a best friend, so here's to all loving aunts in our lives!

Not all, but many people have the pleasure of spending time with their aunties. It starts when you're a kid and lasts for a lifetime.

Aunts are fun, delightfully witty, and you can get away with a lot more than with your parents. Here are ten reasons which will remind you why aunts are the best!

Aunties gossip

When you're a child, your parents seem like superheroes. You cannot imagine that they were once kids as well.

Aunts will give you not just glimpses into their childhood, but even some naughty things your mom or dad never wanted you to find out.

Role models

You can't have parents as role models. Nor it's healthy to look up to celebrities. That's where aunties come into the picture.

Since they appear to be more carefree yet still responsible enough, aunts can serve as role models whether you're a kid, teenager, or young adult.

Problem solvers

When you get in trouble with your parents, aunts can help both sides to gain some perspective.

Auntie will remind a parent what they were like as children while explaining to a child what it is that got the parents worked up.

This go-between act can last a lifetime.

Always advising

An aunt will give parenting advice, as well as encourage a child to be more approachable.

Aunties have an external perspective that makes them able to see circumstances differently, so they are great at giving guidance to both.

Best babysitters

Aunties can babysit, letting the parents take a few hours off. They can also help to take the kids somewhere together, with the parents, to relieve tension.

An auntie will teach you about the world

The parents have their ways of raising a child. But an aunt will offer a different outlook to the world, which many children will appreciate.

If a kid is different or feels misunderstood by their parents, an aunt can offer an understanding and some advice that gives more perspective on the world.

Some aunts give us cousins

Many nephews and nieces can be closer to you than your siblings.

Your aunt's way of parenting can make her children more approachable and understanding, which is how lifetime friendship starts.

Gentle discipline

It's not like aunts will allow kids to do whatever they want. But they are in a position to care about the child while giving them more freedom and fun.

If a kid acts out, an aunt won't overreact; instead, they'll try some gentle discipline to show that she won't tolerate that kind of behavior.

Playtime is better with aunts

Aunts are always more fun.

Despite hard working hours, many aunts will seem refreshed and energized because they want their cousins to feel loved at any time.

From coloring to watching scary movies, giving dating advice, it's easier to talk to an aunt than to a mom. Moms are too worried, and aunties are more chill.

Aunts spoil

Just like grandma loves baking cookies for her grandchildren, aunties have a special connection to their little nephews.

They give the perfect presents and make every minute count. Cheers to all aunts!

They enjoy making lives better, happier and act as mediators between parents and children.