10 'Friends' Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked For Your Holiday Viewing Pleasure

10 ‘friends’ thanksgiving episodes, ranked for your holiday viewing pleasure

There are millions of TV-shows, and still, after all these years - nothing can beat 'Friends.' This sitcom is the ultimate example that goes against the tooth of time.

The humor, the little everyday dramas that everyone has at some point in life, the friendships that stay true against all odds - it's something that only a true evergreen can offer.

One could just try not to relate to the things they go through all ten seasons of the show.

1. The One Where Ross Got High (Season 6)

The perfect Friends Thanksgiving recipe: a family gathered in the living room, summarizing their thoughts after dinner. Mom and Dad enjoy the company of their children, for sure. But Ross and Monica rant at each other about ghosts from the past.

And then the bombs are dropped. It wasn't Chandler who smoked pot, but Ross. And it wasn't the mailman who stole Dad's Playboys - ROSS again! Busted!

2. The One With The Football (Season 3)

While Chandler tries to recover from the break-up with Janice, the girls have other things to worry about.
They need to come up with a strategy that will make them win the football game before their Thanksgiving dinner.

3. The One With All The Thanksgivings (Season 5)

This episode may be the most memorable from the series - the one when Monica put a turkey on her head to cheer up Chandler with her turkey dancing moves.

And, of course - Chandler dropped the L-bomb for the first time!

4. The One With The Rumor (Season 8)

Brad Pitt is such a view for sore eyes! In this episode, he played a high-school friend. Back then, he hated Rachel so much that he even formed an 'I hate Rachel' club. With Ross.

The rants between them were hilarious, so it was far from surprising when Brad scored a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for this guest role.

5. The One With Chandler In A Box (Season 4)

How could we forget the Thanksgiving episode in which Chandler joined the others trapped in a box to atone for kissing Joey's girlfriend?

Meanwhile, Monica invited the young and sexy son of her ex Richard. As the friends started to make fun of her, she snapped and listed their romantic flaws out loud and then left the room.
In. Their. Faces.

6. The One With Rachel's Other Sister (Season 9)

Christina Applegate joins the gang's Thanksgiving table in this episode, as Rachel's sister, Amy. She finds out that Ross and Rachel wouldn't leave their baby Emma to her if they died, so the sisters argue about it.

The episode was terrific, and Applegate did an amazing job playing Rachel's other sister. She even got nominated for an Emmy that year.

7. The One Where Underdog Gets Away (Season 1)

Remember when they lost the key and ended up stuck in front of Monica's apartment? It was their first Thanksgiving together.

Sincere and relatable for all young folks who live apart from their parents. The struggle for putting an effort to recreate mom's delicacies is real, guys!

8. The One With The Late Thanksgiving (Season 10)

Although the last Thanksgiving episode from the series started wobbly, the ending was such an emotional rollercoaster for all of them.

Monica and Chandler receive great news. An expecting mother has chosen them to adopt her baby. Finally, their biggest wish came true.

9. The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs (Season 7)

Phoebe finds a cute dog. She takes care of it and hides it from Chandler the dog-hater.
The dog barks, but she refuses to admit that there IS a dog in her bedroom.

C: Phoebe, we can hear the dog barking!

P: No, that's just me, coughing: ar-roof-roof!

10. The One With The List (Season 2)

This may be the episode that has least focus on the festive atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

How can we focus on Thanksgiving, when Ross and Rachel have one of their biggest arguments over Ross's list of pros and cons about dating Rachel? She was crushed.