10 Feelings You Experience When You Finally Meet "The One"

Have you ever considered the intense emotions that come with meeting the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, beyond fairy tale romance? The rollercoaster of feelings that comes with being in love can be extreme, ranging from incredible highs to devastating lows. Here are some of the emotions you may encounter when you find "The One."

1. Overwhelming Excitement

You have recently met the love of your life, and despite being in the early stages of the relationship, you have an unshakable conviction that this person is unlike any other. You experience a childlike joy that fills you with happiness, and the world appears just as magical as it did in your youth.

2. Schoolgirl Giddiness

Have you ever caught yourself squealing on the phone with your loved ones, dancing carefree around your apartment, and behaving a bit childishly? Falling in love can make you do some slightly awkward things, but it's hard to resist!

3. Intense Anxiety

While not everyone experiences nerves when they meet their soulmate, it's a common feeling for many of us. Falling in love involves opening oneself up and becoming vulnerable, which can be challenging. Additionally, there's the fear of making a mistake or the possibility of unrequited love. This initial anxiety eventually fades into a sense of comfort and security, but the fact that you feel it at all highlights just how significant this person and your connection to them truly are.

4. Butterflies

When nerves and joy intersect, you get butterflies! The happy jitters you feel when thinking about him, meeting him for dinner, or talking to him on the phone make you feel alive, and grateful for having met him. It might sound cheesy, but the truth is that the mere thought of him can make your stomach somersault. It's a natural response!

5. Energetic And Alive

When you're happy and passionate about your life, tasks become easier to accomplish. You'll feel more lively and motivated, and others around you will take notice. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be less of a struggle because it means another chance to engage with what you love.

6. Invincible, Like You Can Take On The World

Finding "The One" can significantly boost your confidence, especially during the honeymoon phase. Negative thoughts that once plagued your mind will dissipate, and self-doubt will be a thing of the past. You'll feel secure in your relationship and unstoppable.

7. Incredibly Lucky

#Blessed is the ideal hashtag to describe the feeling of being in the right relationship, without sounding cliché. While some people spend years searching for "The One" without success, you may feel grateful and wonder what you did to deserve this special connection. Nonetheless, you are content that it has happened to you.

8. Unprecedented Levels Of Passion

You used to believe that your lack of sex drive was just a part of your personality or a normal decline in libido, but meeting him changed everything. Now, you can't seem to get enough of him and crave his presence constantly. Exploring this new level of pleasure together is a thrilling experience.

9. Ridiculously Inspired

As you immerse yourself in your work, creativity starts to flow effortlessly. You begin to notice previously unnoticed aspects of the world around you, and it's a breathtaking experience. With this newfound perspective, you start excelling in your career and passions, feeling invigorated in a way you haven't felt in ages.

10. Finally Free

A newfound sense of relief washes over you as if a heavy burden has been lifted. With someone by your side, life seems less daunting, and you feel reassured knowing that you have a dependable companion who will encourage and support you every step of the way. This unwavering support empowers you to face any challenge with the confidence that you can overcome it

How You'll Know When You Meet "The One"

What are the indications that your significant other is the right one for you? How can you distinguish them from a fleeting romance and recognize their potential for a long-term commitment? Stay vigilant for these signs to discover the answer, now that you're aware of the amazing emotions that await when you meet your ideal partner.

1. You Want The Same Things In Life

If your future aspirations and plans clash with a guy's, it's not accurate to label him as "The One." However, if you both have a strong desire for the same things such as marriage, children, family, and a home, and you feel a strong connection with him, it's an encouraging indication that your lives may align well together.

2. Things Just Seem To Work

There's no need to overanalyze anything since you're both on the same page and there's no miscommunication, so you're not chasing each other. "When you've found The One, the relationship just flows. Things are fairly easy. You understand each other's viewpoints and perceptions, and either accept them or feel the same way," explains eHarmony's Chief of Advice, Jeannie Assimos.

3. Your Whole Life Seems To Make A Lot More Sense

If you've experienced multiple failed relationships and felt lost and destined for loneliness, meeting "The One" can completely transform your perspective, says psychotherapist and relationship coach Rachel Dack. "Being in a relationship with the right person creates a different mindset than being chronically single or in a miserable relationship," she says. "There's a natural adjustment in the way you think about the world as you transition from making individual decisions to joint decisions that involve compromise and taking your partner's needs, wants, and desires into account."

4. You Feel Free To Be Your Weird, Authentic Self

Have you ever been in a relationship where you had to act like the perfect partner according to your partner's expectations? Did you feel like you couldn't fully express yourself or reveal your unique personality because you were afraid your partner wouldn't accept you? When you find "The One," you won't have to worry about that anymore. They not only accept you for who you are, but they also celebrate and encourage your individuality. They appreciate your unique traits and quirks because they have their own, and that's what makes the relationship so special.

5. You've Been Through Something Major Together And Come Out Stronger

Life can be tough and how we handle difficult situations with our partners can reveal a lot about our relationships. If you've gone through a traumatic experience such as a loss of a loved one or a miscarriage together, and instead of tearing you apart, it has strengthened your bond and brought you closer, then it's evident that your relationship is genuine.

6. He Challenges You In The Right Ways

Few things are as dreadful as feeling stagnant, as it can lead to boredom and dissatisfaction in a relationship. However, when you meet "The One," stagnation is not a concern. Instead, this person inspires you to be the best version of yourself and together you motivate each other to grow and evolve continuously. The Love Architect founder Kailen Rosenberg says, "A soulmate isn't always wrapped in the perfect package, physically or in terms of life circumstances — nor does it mean that the relationship will come without challenge. Yet, the difference is that the life circumstances and the difficult challenges are a strengthening power that becomes the glue that keeps you together through the difficult times and helps each of you become your most authentic self."

7. He Feels Like Home

In certain cases, relying on your instincts and emotions is more important than a checklist of specific signs. What are your gut feeling and heart telling you? If you have a strong inner conviction that this person is your soulmate and that you're meant to be together forever, it's likely true. Intuition is a potent force, and as the saying goes, "when you know, you know."