10 Effective Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

10 Effective Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

With the beach season just around the corner, we turn to the mirror and *gasp* - the winter left some very visible traces. Here we have gathered 10 effective exercises to reduce belly fat just in time for sundresses.


When performed correctly, crunches alone can cause a bomb effect on your belly by burning fat at extreme rates. Pro tip: after you feel like you cannot go anymore - do several more because that's when the fat burn is happening.


Side Bends

By bending sideways, you address both the pesky muffin tops and the curve of your waistline. You can choose between doing this exercise with your bodyweight alone or get a small dumbbell set to maximize the outcome.


Any cardio exercise will help you to get the blood running in all the right places. Running is perhaps the easiest to master, as long as you are taking a steady approach and don't force yourself over the limit.


Bicycle Crunches

Laying on your back and pretending to ride an imaginary bike might look silly. But it does a very good job on both the lower abdomen and hips. Just ensure to keep your shoulders lifted at all times during this exercise.

Bending Forward

Uttanasana or a forward fold is a yoga exercise that also serves several causes. Aside from helping you work off the belly fat, this position helps to straighten out the spine, normalize the blood pressure and stretch out a lot of muscles.



The most important thing in performing the plank exercises is easing into it. Start by holding the plank for only 10 seconds and gradually add time day by day, without rushing yourself.

Vertical Leg Crunch

This exercise might feel like the hardest on this list, but it surely gets the job done. The best way to perform this exercise is by not letting your legs touch the ground at all until the set is done.



This one is for your entire body, but its main focus remains on the stomach muscles. Don't hold back on the jumping part, as it adds a great deal of cardio to the process.

Leg Pull-Ins

The effect of the leg pull-ins is very similar to the crunches, but some say it is easier to perform as you are starting from the sitting up position. To avoid overloading your arms, ensure to keep the tension within the belly region.


Sit Ups

This is probably the most common exercise that targets fat belly and it is not a hard one either. The secret to keeping this exercise as effective as possible is by controlling your breathing - exhale at the moment of maximum pressure and inhale when relaxed.

Get To Work

Even if you are perfectly comfortable with the way you look, keep in mind that excess fat tissue in the abdominal area can lead to serious health consequences. That is why many plus-size models and body positivity ambassadors pay special attention to that area during their workout routine by adding many of the above 10 effective exercises to reduce belly fat.


To achieve the best results, combine your workouts with proper hydration and a balanced diet. Remember to put your health before your looks and exercise responsibly without putting yourself in danger.

If you have not worked out much before, it might be a good idea to consult with a personal trainer or an employee at your local gym. They will help you learn how to perform the exercises correctly and give helpful advice in terms of nutrition.