10 Disadvantages To Being An Only Child: You Should Be Thanking Your Siblings

10 Disadvantages To Being An Only Child: You Should Be Thanking Your Siblings

Okay, being an only child has some pretty compelling benefits and you could even envy this unique situation. But there are some downsides to growing up without a sibling, and I am here to tell you all about them.

1. You Don't Have Kids To Play With Round The Clock

Sure, you will have kids to play with when you are an only child, but not all the time. You will wish you could have someone to kid around with every time you were up to it, which is what having siblings gives you.


2. You Are Always To Blame For Your Mess

When you have siblings and something goes wrong, your parents are never sure who to blame for it, and sometimes there is no one to blame because the mistake was a group effort.

But when you are an only child, you are always to blame, and there is never even a reason for your parents to ask who made the mess.


3. Whose Mistakes Will You Learn From?

Having other siblings and seeing how they screw up can help you avoid some pitfalls in life. This, unfortunately, is a luxury you will not have when you are an only child with no one else to learn from.

4. No Bragging About Your Siblings

You have heard friends brag about their amazing brothers and sisters, especially when they are famous or highly accomplished. As an only child, you don't get a chance to do that now that you don't have any siblings.


5. Loneliness

Yes, you will have lots of personal space and special attention from your parents, but you will be lonely without kids your age to play with and talk to.

6. Fewer Nieces And Nephews

Siblings love to spoil other siblings' kids, and with no siblings, you will not have that pleasure. Things will be tougher if you marry someone who is an only child as well because you will never know the pleasure of having nieces and nephews.


7. You Don't Get A Chance To Complain About Your Siblings

As an only child, I always hear my friends complain about their annoying siblings and then talk about how amazing they are. I wish I had that luxury, because all in all, it sounds like an amazing thing having siblings you can complain so much about and yet be so grateful that they are in your life.


8. On Vacations, You Have To Learn To Enjoy The Time With Your Parents

In typical families, when on vacation, kids get their time apart to enjoy themselves doing kids' stuff. But as an only child, your parents will be very reluctant to let you have fun unattended.

Usually, this means you will tag along to whatever fun activities they are having, even if they picked them specifically for you. It would be much easier watching your favorite movies with friends, obviously, but you don't always get that privilege when you are an only child.


9. It Will Be Hard On Your Parents When You Leave

As an only child, the world will literally revolve around you because you are all your parents have got. Unfortunately, this also means that they will have a really tough time letting you go since you will be an only child.

10. Sibling Bonding Is Not Something You Will Ever Understand

Don't get me wrong: being an only child is amazing. But having a special bond with a brother or sister is also quite amazing and priceless, which is something you have to forget about when you have no brothers or sisters.


If I were you, I would feel very fortunate to have brothers and sisters, even though they might be a little annoying sometimes. Don't underestimate the joy of having someone your age to share a special lifelong bond with.