10 Cute Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Not So Innocent

10 Cute Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Not So Innocent

The children of celebrities grow up in the spotlight and this can put them under a lot of pressure, especially psychologically.

Instead of having normal childhood experiences such as hanging out with friends and running around outside, they are hounded by paparazzi and bombarded with constant attention.

Their personal lives are invaded from a young age and you can bet that this has effects on them.

That is why it is not surprising that many of them develop personal problems. Often, if not always, when you meet the child of a celebrity or a child star when they are older, they've changed radically.

Let's take a look at the celeb children who grew up to be quite different and in some cases problematic.

Paris Jackson

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

First on our list is the daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The musician did his best to hide Paris from the prying eyes of the public. Now that she's all grown up, Paris is actually fond of the limelight.

As a model and actress, she's embracing fame and the media that her dad tried to protect her against.

The young woman has many tattoos, with nine of them dedicated to Michael. Paris is a recovering addict and for a while, she strayed from the path her father would have wanted her to take.

Fortunately, she found her way back and is now associated with IMG Models agency where she is very popular.

Abigail Breslin

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Abigail is a child star for whom things didn't go as planned. She landed her first role in the film 'Signs' with Mel Gibson, where she played the role of Bo Hess. However, it was her performance in Little Miss Sunshine that really put her on the map, so to speak.

This young lady grew up to be very different from the girl we met on our screens. In 2017, she revealed a shocking truth about her life that no one knew.

She suffered from PTSD after being the victim of sexual assault from someone she had a relationship with. Despite the trauma, she rose above it and is now an advocate for sexual assault victims.

In addition, Abigail is working on an upcoming film. Her life may have taken a different route, but she's making the best of it.

Hailie Mathers

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Daughter of the 'Rap God' Eminem, Hailie was born as Hailie Jade Scott back in 1995. She was born before Eminem became the successful rapper that he is today.

Her childhood was a difficult one thanks to the intense relationship between Eminem and her mother.

For many years, Hailie did what she could to stay out of the spotlight. Then, to everyone's surprise, she surfaced and shared that she's studying at Michigan State University.

Despite things not being so great when she was a kid, Hailie is now the proud owner of a psychology degree and a bright future.

Being Eminem's daughter wasn't easy, but he turned out to be a really good dad.

Michelle Trachtenberg

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

If you ever saw the films 'Inspector Gadget' or 'Harriet The Spy', you will recognize Michelle Trachtenberg. Well, you'd recognize who she used to be. She often portrayed the roles of nerdy and quirky characters during her career.

She grew up to be a beautiful young lady. Although she was not involved in any scandals (that we know of) she's still keeping us entertained and we are hoping to see more of her.

Alexa PenaVega

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Everyone's favourite female child spy had to be Carmen Cortez from the 'Spy Kids' film series. Before that, Alexa PenaVega actually starred in 10 other movies, so she was already a veteran.

In real life, Alexa was battling with an eating disorder, bulimia. This is not an issue to take lightly and we're sure her fans didn't even realise the difficulties the young woman faced.

Fortunately, she has managed to overcome her bulimia and is now living much healthier.

Jonathan Lipnicki

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Who didn't think that George Little from the 'Stuart Little' films was the most adorable little guy? The kid behind the character, Jonathan Lipnicki, disappeared from the public eye not long after his success as a young actor.

Sadly, he was often bullied because of his easy-to-recognize face. Bullying is no joke and his fans are sad to know that happened.


Now, Jonathan is a beefy man with impressive martial arts skills.

Kylie Jenner

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Kylie needs no introduction, she has been made famous by her family - the Kardashians. She was a cutie pie who turned into quite a lovely woman.

Kylie has become one of the most influential teenagers of her generation and knows the sweet taste of success.

However, she is no stranger to controversy. She released a walnut face scrub that immediately received negative attention.

It is known that exfoliants with walnut as an ingredient can irritate the surface of the skin, therefore it is not a good idea to scrub your face with it.

There was also the birthday party that she had for her best friend that had a 'The Handmaid's Tale' theme. People found it offensive and tone-deaf, and Kylie was insulted on social media.

Her breakup with the father of her child, Travis Scott, also got tongues wagging as the pair seemed to be happy until the news broke.

Then it looked like they were back together and fans just didn't know what to think. Say what you will about Kylie, but she knows how to keep people interested!

Kendall Jenner

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Sticking with the Kardashians, we also have Kendall on our list. She is almost as famous as Kylie and has many fans. But she also had her fair share of scandals. Most noticeably is the Pepsi advertisement she was part of.


In the ad, Kendall joins people who are protesting for peace and love and hands a policeman a can of Pepsi as a peace offering. He smiles and the crowd cheers - a happy ending. Or not.

Viewers were upset that a privileged white model was chosen to be the peacemaker between the police and the ad's activists.

Kendall regrets her role in the ad and during a teary confession on the 14th season of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', she made it clear for everyone that she regrets it.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Everyone knew Keshia's face - she was the cutie pie in 'The Cosby Show' that stole all of our hearts. We often saw her make an appearance during the show's 8 seasons.

Now, as a 41-year-old, she is a far cry from the youngster we saw on our televisions. It is believed that the single mom is in financial problems and that things aren't going well.

No further information about this rumour can be found though.

Tania Raymonde

10 cute celebrity kids who grew up not so innocent

Tania gained fame for the quirky roles that she portrayed in television shows such as 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'Providence'.

When people saw her in more mature shows such as 'Bones', 'NCIS' and 'Lost', they were surprised at how well she could play an adult character.

What really surprised fans of her more innocent roles are the sex scenes that she was comfortable with. She certainly isn't that innocent young girl she was when we first met her!