10 Clues That He Is Long-Term Relationship Material


If you're tired of casual relationships and desire a serious, committed one, wasting time and energy on someone who doesn't share your intentions is the last thing you want. Look out for these positive signs when dating someone new that might indicate long-term potential.

1. He Doesn't Make Excuses Not To See You

This guy seeks any opportunity to spend time with you. He obtains tickets to your favorite concert or searches for local gigs of your preferred bands. Even when he doesn't live in your area, he contacts you when he's doing laundry near you and invites you to drop by. He claims to be in the vicinity and suggests having a meal together. His eagerness to be with you is endearing.

2. He Wants To Share Purchases With You

If you both plan to purchase a high-value item that you can share, he will propose that you split the cost. This could be a car or even tools for your home. His willingness to suggest sharing the expense signifies his interest in a long-term relationship.

3. He's Future-Focused In Your Conversations

He not only discusses his own future plans but also wants to know about yours. Do you plan on having children? Are you content with your current job or considering a career change? Would you prefer to reside in the city or suburbs? These conversations serve as a way for him to assess if your plans align with his own for a shared future.

4. He Has Savings

He recognizes that a stable future with a family and spouse necessitates having savings to purchase a home and make other significant investments. He places little value on materialistic items like electronics and gadgets. Instead, he prioritizes saving money for life's more important expenses, as he is focused on the bigger picture.

5. He Doesn't Have A Lot Of Ex-Girlfriends

While he may have had a few casual flings in the past, he has primarily been searching for a long-term partner. He is willing to devote enough time to truly get to know a woman and her character. Due to his aversion to breakups, he has likely experienced some heartbreak in past relationships.

6. He Would Rather Spend Time One-On-One With You Than Go Out And Party Or Spend Time In Crowds

Spending time alone with him provides an opportunity for him to ask the questions that he's curious about. He is genuinely interested in getting to know you better and would prefer to have you to himself rather than being seen with you in public. While he's not ashamed of being seen with you, he values his one-on-one time with you more.

7. He Invites You To Leave A Few Things At His Apartment

Carrying your toothbrush, deodorant, and a change of clothes every time can be inconvenient, so why not leave them at his place? He's happy to wash the clothes you leave and have them ready for your next overnight stay, which is this weekend, right?

8. He Asks For Your Input On Major Decisions

Would you like to help him choose a new couch and decide on the color to paint the walls? He values your opinion on important decisions such as whether he should go back to school to advance his career. He values your input because he hopes to keep you in his life for a long time.

9. He Introduces You To His Family

In case he invites you to his family's vacation or his sister's wedding, it is possible that he wants to introduce you to his family. Meeting his family is important for most guys because it provides him with an opportunity to assess how compatible you are with them.

10. He Asks You To Stop Seeing Other People

Even though not all guys are willing to have a conversation about their desire to be exclusive, he might tell you that he is not interested in seeing other people. If he initiates this conversation, it indicates that he is serious about your relationship.

If you're curious whether your guy wants a long-term relationship, pay attention to certain signs. You may not observe all the indications immediately, but they will surface gradually. Keep in mind that his actions carry more weight than his words.