10 Clear Signs That Your Man Plans To Leave You

10 Clear Signs That Your Man Plans To Leave You

You might think that when people are done with relationships, they would just end them quickly without any long-drawn drama, confusion, or heartache, but things aren't always so simple.

Letting someone go, especially if you've been together for a long time, is a very complicated and difficult thing. But sometimes you have to, and it really hurts when you do.

That's why you should be aware of any red flags that might mean that your man is about to leave you. Here are 10 signs that indicate your man plans to leave you, and he just doesn't have the guts to say it yet.


Everyday Talks Are Becoming Less

If he no longer tells you about his day, he could be planning to leave you.

Your man will enjoy talking to you and getting things off his chest when he's comfortable with you. If he stops doing that with you, something might have changed.

This also applies if he doesn't ask about your day anymore. You may also notice he doesn't pay attention when you speak. These are all red flags you should notice!


He Doesn't Include You In His Important Decisions

He used to run things by you and was interested in hearing your opinion. Now he doesn't even mention the decisions he makes, and you find things out suddenly as they occur.

He's Happier When He Hangs Out with Other People

If he doesn't make plans with you or avoids it when you do, you know something's wrong. He might be making plans with other people and enjoy their company more.


Even worse, he might have a big event ahead, and you're not even invited. That's when you should start to be really concerned about your relationship.

He Literally Fights Over Nothing

The missing remote turns your living room into a battlefield. You forget to do something in the house, and it makes him suddenly want to kill you.


Your man always thinks you're the one to blame for everything.

He No Longer Talks About Your Future Together

You've both likely discussed the future as your relationship develops. Everything from vacation plans to how many kids you want to have.

Whatever it was, if your man is reluctant to discuss it now, it's a major sign he wants out. It might be because he doesn't see a future with you anymore.


Something Doesn't Feel Right

Women's intuition is never wrong

If your gut tells you that something isn't right or it feels like something is off in the relationship, you shouldn't ignore that feeling.

Listen to your instincts; they're there to look out for you and keep you safe.


You Don't Feel Close Anymore

Although your feelings towards him haven't changed, there's a huge distance growing between both of you, and you have no idea what could be causing it.

He's Not Affectionate

When you say "I love you," he doesn't respond as he used to. He rarely gives you random kisses or cuddles and makes excuses to move away when you initiate intimacy.


He's Not as Eager to be Chivalrous with You

He used to be pretty generous about treating you to dinner dates, but suddenly he's trying to make it seem like you're selfish for letting him.

You feel he doesn't want to spend money on you anymore.

He Talks About Qualities He Wants In a Woman

If your man starts throwing around things like, "I want a woman that does this and that," he's clearly trying to say that you're not it.


So while it's a good thing to pay attention to the signs your man might leave you, you should practice positive thinking. Have a conversation with him instead of directly accusing him.

You never know, there might still be a chance to save your romance. That's why keeping communication open all the time is vital for a healthy partnership!