10 Christmas Gifts I Want From My Boyfriend That I'd Never Ask For


Although I adore Christmas, my significant other and I don't place much emphasis on extravagant gifts. We'd rather allocate our funds towards experiences instead of material possessions. While my partner may give me a small token, I must confess that I have a wishlist of extravagant presents that I yearn to receive. I occasionally and unabashedly drop hints to my partner about some of these items.

1. An Adorable Little Puppy

Although I am aware that I could easily visit the nearby animal shelter and adopt a puppy in need of a home, there is a certain charm in being gifted a puppy by someone else. I would never directly request my boyfriend to get me a puppy, but I would be overjoyed if he somehow picked up on my thoughts and surprised me with one. In the meantime, I will continue sending him text messages filled with pictures of cute puppies that I hope to own someday. Surely, at some point, he will catch on and take the hint, won't he?

2. La Mer Face Cream

La Mer is the epitome of luxury for many high-end women's skincare enthusiasts, primarily because of its exorbitant cost, opulent fragrance, and lavish packaging that only the affluent can seemingly possess or purchase. A single jar can cost up to $300, and you may be thinking, "Okay, girl, whatever." However, hear me out—I've tried samples, and this product is genuinely fantastic. It leaves your skin feeling baby-smooth instantaneously. If my boyfriend were to surprise me with a jar, I would be eternally grateful. Nevertheless, I would never request it since it is excessively overpriced.

3. An Oil Change For My Car

Let me clarify that I desire this service out of laziness, not because I lack the ability to take my own car for an oil change. I simply loathe having to take my car in for maintenance, and I would much rather have someone else do it for me. Is this a spoiled attitude? Certainly. However, I am acknowledging it, aren't I?

4. Groceries And Grocery Shopping For A Month

Similarly, I despise grocery shopping. Despite the convenience of services like Instacart that allow you to order groceries from the comfort of your bed, I still find the task unappealing. I detest meal planning and preparation. If I had the means, I would opt to dine out frequently or even hire a personal chef. However, since that is not feasible, I must continue to grocery shop for practical reasons. If my boyfriend were to take care of my grocery expenses and shopping for an entire month, it would bring me immense joy.

5. A Plane Ticket To Visit My Best Friend

My best friend lives far away, which makes it costly for me to visit her. If my significant other were to purchase a plane ticket for me to see her, it would demonstrate incredible thoughtfulness and selflessness. Moreover, it would save me around $400 that I would have otherwise spent on airfare.

6. Monthly Manicures For A Year

Who doesn't enjoy getting pampered with a nice manicure? I certainly do, but I am not fond of the cost associated with it. Although I strongly believe in paying for my own luxuries, especially non-essential ones like this, I wouldn't object if my partner gifted me with monthly manicures for a year. I would never ask for such an extravagant gift, though, as it seems impractical!

7. Front Row Tickets To A Beyonce Concert

The idea of gifting front row Beyoncé tickets may seem preposterous to some because the cost of these tickets could amount to a full week's salary for some individuals. Additionally, if you purchase a pair of tickets, it may significantly deplete your savings for the month. However, I can't be the only one who fantasizes about being entertained by the one and only Queen B herself. Imagine being seated in the front row, dancing and singing along to her music while Beyoncé radiates her fierce girl power throughout the entire arena. To me, it sounds like the most enchanting gift imaginable!

8. A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Have you ever watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette and observed the extravagant dates they embark on, realizing that most people would require the resources of an entire television network to plan and afford such dates? I know I have. During one recent season, they went on a hot air balloon ride and it looked breathtaking. Ever since then, I've been yearning to experience a ride in a hot air balloon myself. If my partner wishes to make this Christmas one to remember, surprising me with a hot air balloon ride would certainly do the trick!

9. A Year's Worth Of Starbucks Coffee

Similar to many of us, I have an obsession with the bitter, burnt taste of overpriced coffee from Starbucks. I likely spend a minimum of $100 there every month. However, if my partner were to surprise me with a gift card that would cover my Starbucks fix for an entire year, I couldn't imagine receiving a more fantastic gift (except for the other items on this list, of course).

10. Something That Shows His Commitment To Me

So far, the items on my wishlist have been frivolous and materialistic, but deep down, what I truly desire from my partner is something that demonstrates his commitment to our relationship. However, I wouldn't want to ask for it directly - it has to come from him willingly and at his own pace.