10 Celebrities That Prove Aries Women Were Born To Rule

An Aries woman is a force to be reckoned with. Trailblazing, proud, and headstrong, these ladies are not afraid to stand out from the crowd - in fact, they love it.

The typical Aries woman is creative, elegant, and stylish. She is known for her fiery temper, impulsiveness, and hugely energetic nature. Easily recognizable in a crowd, she's normally the pioneer leading the pack! Check out these 10 celebrities that prove the unstoppable nature of an Aries woman…

Maya Angelou

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

A bold and beautiful poet who was never afraid to speak her truth, Maya Angelou totally embodied the Aries trait of courage. She wrote and spoke bravely throughout her whole life about the racism, sexism, violence, and poverty she went through since early childhood.

She was such a pioneer that her book I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is one of the most commonly banned books ever published! Aries doesn't mind controversy: they often welcome it. Energy and dedication to truth fire the Aries woman's creative spirit and give them unique, powerful voices.

Lady Gaga

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Independent Aries can be stubborn in their passions, meaning they normally work better as a solo act. It's not a surprise that so many of the music industry's most legendary divas were born under Aries. They're bold and don't shy away from risks, as well as having compelling, burning energy that can light up a whole stadium.

Lady Gaga's powerful voice and aura of star power make her stand out as a classic Aries superstar. Ruled by Mars, the most masculine planet, Aries women tend to be strikingly beautiful rather than just a pretty face, and Gaga's fiercely stunning eyes are a testament to this.

Aretha Franklin

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Aretha Franklin was a trailblazer in the soul music scene. Always unique, Franklin was known for taking an existing song and putting her own dazzling spin on it. It's not surprising that someone born under the first sign of the zodiac is known as the Queen of Soul.

Her regal spirit and inimitable voice were the channels through which she championed women's rights and unrelentingly fought for equality and justice. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.

Emma Watson

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Another fearless Aries woman, Emma Watson, inspires with her courage. Outspoken about her opinions and independent in her choices, Watson is an example of an Aries woman who isn't afraid of a challenge.

She'll never keep quiet if she sees injustice and always responds with the characteristic spark of a fire sign.

Diana Ross

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Diana Ross was always the main star of her girl band, The Supremes, and she eventually went on to become a hugely successful solo singer. Now 76, this Aries shows no signs of slowing down.

Ross brings diva energy from dusk till dawn, from how she dresses to how she commands a room. She even commandeered last year's Grammy Award Ceremony, transforming the legendary event into her 75th birthday party. Dressed in fiery shades of red, that was a true Aries woman in her element.

Catherine de Medici

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

An actual queen this time, Catherine de Medici by no means had an easy life. Orphaned when she was just a baby, she spent her childhood locked up in prison before being adopted by the Pope and married off to a French king.

During her time as Empress of France, she came up against her fair share of the adversary, but as a true Aries, she took on every challenge with grace and bravery.

Reese Witherspoon

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

An Aries, with her own unique mission, Witherspoon paved the way for women in the film industry. From her early roles in Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde to the more complex characters she portrayed later in Wild and Big Little Lies, Reese Witherspoon has always been dedicated to representing the myriad types of females in her work.

More recently, this passionate Aries started her own production company devoted to female-centered movies with female directors and producers and has already won two Oscars as part of the project. Headstrong, independent, and inspirational, Reese is an Aries we should all admire!

Celine Dion

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Celine Dion has a magnetism that distinguishes her as a true Aries. She's totally confident, but at the same time, she's genuine and humble. She is open with her emotions and life struggles; her passionate energy has made her one of Canada's most beloved stars.

Now in her 50s, she is no less sparkling than she was at 25 because the light of an Aries girl could never be diminished by aging.

Mariah Carey

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

Look up the dictionary definition of the word "diva," and you'll see a picture of this Aries. Mariah Carey is the kind of woman who is an unstoppable force of individualistic energy. She is 100% herself at all times and never apologizes for it - and she's not hurting anyone, so why should she?

Never mind her pure, powerful voice, her 5 Grammy's, and her general aura of fabulousness. Her most Aries moment was when she responded to a question about Jennifer Lopez by saying, "I don't know her." You do you, Mariah. That's what Aries's style is all about.

Sarah Jessica Parker

10 celebrities that prove aries women were born to rule

To be clear, SJP, not Carrie Bradshaw, is an Aries girl through and through. Although we love romantic, scatterbrained Carrie, it's SJP's unimposing but unbreakable self-assurance that defines her as a member of the Aries crew.

A diva without the drama, SJP knows what she wants, and she always, somehow, seems to get it. That's an Aries woman for you.

These 10 Aries powerhouses show that this sign makes for some truly regal ladies. Pioneers in their field, powerful speakers of truth and divas by nature, the Aries woman is unquestionably a force to be reckoned with.