10 Bonding Experiences That Make You And Your Partner Closer Than Ever

Experiencing certain situations as a couple can either make or break your relationship. While not all of these experiences may be positive, going through them together will make your bond stronger. The more you face together, the closer you'll feel to your partner. Here are some examples of experiences that can strengthen your relationship.

1. Having A Colossal Argument And Coming Out The Other Side

Regardless of whether it's about money, housework, or the fact that your partner cheated on you with your best friend, having a big argument can actually benefit your relationship. Although it may feel unbearable while it's happening, especially if it lasts all day or over several days, it will strengthen your relationship if you get through it together. The best part? The reward of make-up sex afterward.

2. Meeting Each Other's Loved Ones

Meeting your partner's friends and family can be intimidating, especially when you're in a new relationship. However, every time you meet someone new who is close to your partner, it feels like a small victory. You want to impress and be liked by these people, and your partner wants the important people in their life to approve of you. When you succeed in making a good impression during your first meeting with each person, it's a relief for both you and your partner.

3. Trying Out Something New And Adventurous In The Bedroom

If you have been in a long-term relationship, your sexual routine can become dull and monotonous. To add some excitement, try experimenting with something new that neither of you has ever attempted before, but that both of you are interested in. Even if you don't end up liking it, the shared experience of trying something completely different can strengthen your bond as a couple and bring you closer together.

4. Grieving Over The Loss Of A Person, Pet, Or Situation

Losing a loved one, whether it be a family member, friend, or pet, is never easy, and it can be challenging to cope with such a loss without the support of your partner and loved ones. If your significant other is there for you during this difficult time, they will become a source of strength and comfort that you will never forget. You will develop a deeper appreciation for them, and your relationship will grow stronger as a result.

5. Having Deep And Meaningful Conversations About Your Hopes And Dreams

When you and your partner discuss your future plans and personal aspirations, you automatically become more connected on an emotional level. Sharing intimate details that you've never revealed to anyone else can also bring you closer together. If your partner is trustworthy and can keep your secrets safe, your bond of trust will deepen, and your relationship will become even more intimate.

6. Going Away Together For The First Time

Your first vacation with your significant other can reveal a lot about your relationship, regardless of whether you travel by plane or car. Many people believe that traveling together is the ultimate test of a partnership, as being in close quarters for an extended period of time can reveal unexpected truths about each other. If you can work through any challenges that arise during your trip, your bond will likely be stronger than ever before.

7. Having Travel Plans Go Absurdly Wrong

It's only when you've experienced a travel disaster with your partner - such as an eight-hour flight delay or being stranded on an island during a hurricane - that you truly understand their character. While you may argue and vent your frustrations, making it through such a difficult situation can strengthen your relationship in ways you never imagined. These challenges can be tough, but they offer a unique opportunity for growth as a couple.

8. Taking Care Of A New Pet Or Baby Together

In case you and your partner are facing the ultimate test of responsibility, taking care of a new pet or baby, things might be tough for both of you, particularly if you have never been through this before. You should expect some tears and tantrums, but if you manage to complete this task without any incidents, then rest assured, you will be just fine. Once you make it through, you will be able to celebrate together and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal as a team. Congratulations to you both!

9. Laughing At Your Own Private Names And Jokes

While laughing together can bring you closer as a couple, creating silly names and private jokes can make your bond even stronger. These inside jokes and terms are special because they belong exclusively to the two of you and nobody else. Even though there are other shared experiences that bring you closer as a couple, the exclusivity of private names and jokes binds you in a way that nothing else can. Over time, these things will become a symbol of your unique bond and your deep connection with each other.