10 Behaviors That'll Earn You The "Psycho Girlfriend" Title

It's likely you've heard the classic saying that "love can drive you to do insane things," and it holds some truth. When feelings are intense, it's simple to become overly invested and behave in ways that differ from your usual self. However, if you're going to the extent of being labeled a "crazy girlfriend," it may be wise to pause and regain control.

What Makes Someone A "Psycho Girlfriend"?

If you identify as a woman who dates cisgender men, it's probable that you've encountered a few instances where they've referred to a woman as "crazy" for expressing herself. Perhaps you've confronted him about his inappropriate actions or made it known what you expect from the relationship. Suddenly, he deems you as deserving of being institutionalized. Often, the term "psycho girlfriend" is a covert way that men use to convey, "you're holding me accountable, and I don't appreciate it."


Conversely, it's conceivable that you might be engaging in behaviors that are genuinely inappropriate. Just because you're in a relationship with someone doesn't give you authority over them. It doesn't entitle you to encroach on their privacy or mistreat them. In such a scenario, a guy labeling you as "psycho" may be his method of expressing how unacceptable your actions are.

Therefore, which group do you belong to?


Signs You May Be Acting Inappropriately

If you are guilty of any of these issues, then you might be acting a little strange.

1. You Snoop Through His Phone

If you seize his phone to secretly read his messages every time he steps away, then you could be considered a possessive girlfriend. If he catches you, he may assume that you lack faith in him. He might perceive it as a breach of his privacy and put a passcode on his phone from then on. Alternatively, he might end the relationship entirely, and he would be justified in doing so. After all, who granted you the permission to snoop through his belongings?


2. You Badmouth Every Other Woman You See

Putting an end to female rivalry is crucial. If you trusted your boyfriend, you wouldn't perceive every other woman as a competitor. Consequently, you wouldn't feel compelled to disparage any woman you come across merely because she possesses breasts. This behavior is not only absurd but also remarkably juvenile.

3. You Make Scenes In Public

It's understandable to feel frustrated with your partner, but when you do, aim to express your grievances privately. You wouldn't want to be the disturbance who raises her voice in a public restaurant. It's best to reserve the argument for the car ride back home. Otherwise, you run the risk of being perceived as a possessive girlfriend not only by your partner but also by everyone around you.


4. You Resort To Physical Violence When You're Angry

It's crucial to acknowledge that men can also be victims of domestic violence. If you resort to physical violence, such as slapping your boyfriend or kicking him in the groin when you're upset, it's not surprising if he labels you as "crazy." Assaulting your boyfriend is abusive, and it's unacceptable behavior. Not only should you not be in a relationship with him, but you should also potentially face legal consequences. The fact that he may be physically larger than you or that you're a woman does not justify such behavior. Violence is never acceptable.


5. You Stalk Him Online And In Person

If you trail his vehicle to his workplace because you suspect he's visiting another woman's home, then why are you even in a relationship with him? When you believe that you're involved with an unfaithful partner, you may sense yourself losing control, which is why it's best to end the relationship before the situation spirals out of hand.


6. You Flirt With His Friends

It's okay to engage in playful banter with his friends and enjoy their company, but refrain from flirting with them. If you do, the news is bound to spread, and your partner won't appreciate it. There's no excuse for pretending that you weren't aware that you were flirting or that it's insignificant. You're aware of appropriate boundaries, and it's vital to honor them.


7. You Won't Admit That You Lied

If you assure him that you don't communicate with your ex, and he discovers a photo of you two spending time together, it's crucial to apologize. If you continue to fabricate excuses that are clearly false, he'll question whether he can rely on you. Perhaps he should question whether he can trust you at all.

8. You Text Him 10 Times In A Row

As your boyfriend, it's acceptable to message him as often as you desire when you have something compelling to share. However, if you're sending him a string of question marks merely because he hasn't responded in the previous five minutes, he may question why you're so desperate for his attention.


9. You Treat Waitresses Like Crap

If you overreact when your server delivers the incorrect dish, or if she glances at your boyfriend for a tad too long, he may perceive you as irrational. If you want him to remain with you, it's essential to manage your temper. No one wants to date someone who frequently instigates drama.

10. You Stop Taking Your Birth Control Pill

If you stop taking your birth control pills or intentionally damage his condoms without mutual agreement to have children, be prepared for a possible break-up. Such manipulative behavior is not acceptable, and seeking professional help would be a wise decision.


Does Being Called "Psycho" Always Mean You're In The Wrong?

Although the previously mentioned behaviors are clearly unacceptable and problematic, it's important to note that some women are labeled as "psycho" by men for doing things that are actually quite normal. This is often used as a way for men to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions. It's important to understand that being called "psycho" isn't always a negative thing.


1. You're Not "psycho" For Wanting The Answers To Basic Questions

Inquiring about your partner's plans or social circle for the weekend is not necessarily problematic. As long as you're not constantly bombarding him with questions, it's a reasonable thing to ask. If your partner labels you as "crazy" for being curious, it could be a sign that he's keeping something from you.


2. You Shouldn't Have To Hide Your Feelings

If your boyfriend labels you as a "psycho girlfriend" for simply expressing your anger or frustration towards something he said or did, that's not on you. As long as you're not engaging in destructive behavior like hitting or breaking things, there's no problem with expressing your emotions. It's possible that he's the one who can't handle facing the fact that he hurt you.


3. Men Are Just As "psychotic"

To clarify, clinical psychosis is a severe mental health condition that necessitates professional diagnosis and treatment. However, in everyday language, the term "psycho" is often used to describe behavior that is unconventional or extreme. This is not limited to women; men can also exhibit erratic behavior. However, society tends to blame and criticize women more for this type of behavior.