10 Amazing Quotes About Adventure By Anthony Bourdain

10 Amazing Quotes About Adventure By Anthony Bourdain

Although Bourdain tragically died in 2018, the legacy he left behind lives on. To many, he was a world-class chef who was always willing to push the envelope.

He was also a great writer, jiu-jitsu practitioner, TV star, and a bona fide New Yorker. But while soaring to these heights of achievement, Bourdain was also struggling with drug use, a problem he picked up in his teens.

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His death was a shock to many around the world, and many admit that a lot of brilliance was condemned to the barrenness of the grave when he passed on.


Part of the shock had something to do with the fact that Bourdain chose to end his own life, leaving behind a daughter, a caring mother, devoted friends, and adoring legions of fans all around the world.

It is widely believed that he had issues coping with the fame he suddenly enjoyed, and this made him fall into depression.

But in the true Bourdain version, he had sought help from a specialist when he fell into depression. And also in the true Bourdain version, he paid little attention to it.


He was a man who believed in taking charge, and that meant finding his own way through various challenges in life. In fact, that is how he rose as far as he did in life.

Although his self-help strategy didn't come through for him when he needed it the most, his personal determination had raised him from complete oblivion and earned him unprecedented fame and respect around the world.

Here are some quotes of him you will absolutely love if you like adventure.


1. Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you. – Anthony Bourdain

2. Things got broken. Things got lost. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. – Anthony Bourdain

3. The journey is part of the experience – an expression of the seriousness of one's intent. One doesn't take the A train to Mecca. – Anthony Bourdain


4. Good food is very often, even most often, simple food. – Anthony Bourdain

5. If you're 22, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. – Anthony Bourdain

6. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind. – Anthony Bourdain

7. Don't lie about it. You made a mistake. Admit it and move on. Just don't do it again. Ever. – Anthony Bourdain


8. Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don't have. – Anthony Bourdain

9. Open your mind, get up off the couch, move. – Anthony Bourdain

10. I don't have to agree with you to like you or respect you. – Anthony Bourdain

If you love adventure, you will love these quotes from Anthony Bourdain. He was a hero through the things he conquered in this life. Without a doubt, these quotes give us insight into how he achieved so much despite facing more challenges than most of us ever will.